What Does not Resulted Mean on Betway

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On Betway, “Not Resulted” typically refers to a bet where the outcome has not yet been determined. This status can appear for various reasons:

  1. Event Still Ongoing: If the event you’ve wagered on is still in progress, the bet will be marked as “Not Resulted” until the event concludes and results are officially confirmed.
  2. Delay in Result Processing: Sometimes there’s a delay in Betway processing the result, which can be due to a delay in receiving official results, particularly in cases of close calls, reviews, or disputes in the event.
  3. Postponed or Cancelled Events: If an event is postponed, abandoned, or cancelled for any reason, the bet may remain “Not Resulted” until a decision is made about the event (like rescheduling or cancellation).

It’s important to check the specific betting rules on Betway for scenarios where events are postponed or cancelled. If your bet remains “Not Resulted” for an extended period without a clear reason, contacting Betway’s customer service for clarification is advisable.

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