This artilce will reveal the importance of using best iOS emulator or iPhone emulator for PC, their features and highlight in details.

I don’t know about you, but I grew up smack-dab in the middle of the computer generation—the 90s through the early 2000s, to be precise, and the Internet (more or less) grew up with me and the others of our generation. And I remember, as I’m sure many of you do, how much fun it was to use emulators, also called ROMs.

An emulator is a piece of software meant to emulate (hence the name) video games published on traditional systems, such as the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation.

Well, so it was during my childhood, anyway—nowadays, of course, emulators and ROMs copy the specs of more advanced systems, and host their video games.

Much more importantly, emulators today provide you with all kinds of apps, not just video games. Any app you can get on an iPhone can be accessed on an ioS emulator, whether it’s an iPhone emulator for PC or an iOS emulator for Android.

Thus, there’s a natural conclusion to all of this: if you’re looking at this article, then you’re almost certainly searching for PC emulators that can be used to run mobile apps by mimicking the interfaces of devices like iPhones and Android phones. If that is your case, then you’re in luck: we’ve prepared a list of these cool emulators that you can download onto your computer. They will allow you to run—and develop—all kinds of apps on your PC.

10 Best iOS Emulator, iPhone Emulators for PC Windows

1- AIR iPhone

One great thing about AIR iPhone is that it’s already consistent with the AIR framework developed by Adobe, the makers of the very famous PDF software and other tools. This particular aspect of the iOS emulator is excellent because, if you’re already acquainted with the framework, the familiar system will be a breeze to use, although the user-friendly software is also ideal for users who have never used AIR before.

Also, a breeze to do is installing the system; installation has no hassles, and the only two steps are downloading this particular app and the AIR framework. The app can execute iOS applications directly onto your Windows computer.

The runtime environment is compatible with a plethora of platforms, and developers use it to make both mobile and desktop apps, making use of Adobe’s other software—Flash, Flex, and ActionScript.

You can also execute those iOS apps you’ve already installed onto the emulator so that using the system is basically like using an iPad or an iPhone directly in your hands (but on a bigger screen, of course), since its user interface literally imitates the look and feel of an iPhone screen.

This native iOS simulator ensures that developers have a fast way of testing and debugging apps for iOS.

Download AIR iPhone

2- Ripple Emulator

This iPhone emulator for PC provides you with a multiple-platform experience that works to create high-quality mobile environments. In particular, it was specifically developed for the testing and development of mobile HTML-5 applications.

Unlike many of the apps in this list, it is a Google Chrome browser extension—and thus available for download on Google’s Chrome store—but it’s just as powerful.

It will even let you quickly view the functioning and end-user experience of your app on multiple mobile phones at one time. It also gives you the ability to peek under the hood of your mobile iOS, so that you can see what kind of processes are running under the surface.

All that being said, as you might expect from a Chrome application, it’s quite lightweight and runs quickly, allowing you to use it anywhere you have access to your Windows device, even if it’s a laptop. This app is particularly ideal for those who know how to transcode HTML-5 based apps into native iOS apps, using other software like PhoneGap.

Ripple is perfect for testing any kind of mobile app, new or old, and even older applications that have less circulation than their newer counterparts. The extension-download feature of the Chrome store is also simple and straightforward, ensuring that there are no hassles associated with setup.

Download Ripple Emulator


 This app is about as delicious as the food-related verb it’s named after—and equally useful to boot. Being an iOS emulator for Android and an iOS emulator for PC—in fact, it’s known as one of the best possible iOS emulators for both Windows and Linux OSes—it can, of course, run iOS and Android apps on its platform, as well as give you access to both operating systems.

However, this app also gives users the ability to develop cross-platform apps. The unofficial rival of (not least because of its similar name), Appetize is available for Mac systems and promises to give you a smooth, streamlined, user-friendly experience.

It is catered to developers, providing them with all kinds of tools they need to make high-quality mobile apps. It will host, run and execute mobile apps with no problems.

Although this iOS emulator for PC is not free, per se, the initial download is free, and it can be used for up to 100 minutes, with 2 parallel hours—perfect for those who want to try it out, just to see what it’s like before they commit to anything. However, you’ll be swayed by its high versatility—it can, after all, be used for both iPhone and Android apps and games—neat features, and best-selling tools and utilities.


4- iPadian

 This simulator is easy to use if you’ve used an iPad before—which is to say, it’s easy to use for everyone involved since most people can pick up an iPad an intuitively get a good feel for the controls within a relatively short amount of time. That is to say, the interface looks exactly like that of an iPad, to the point where you might even get confused over what kind of device you’re using.

You can access all kinds of apps with iPadian, including both messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, and—if you have an iPad and have already installed apps onto the tablet—you can use them on your Windows device with no trouble at all. Plus, there’s no lag, no matter what kind of app you’re running or executing.

This system features a very user-friendly, easy-to-use graphic interface. It’s available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version offering more features for you to use and play around with. The app also gives you access to Apple’s App Store, so you can access, download, and execute any apps from there in no time at all.

This multifunctional iOS emulator for PC is so versatile: it’s compatible with multiple systems, as well as an abundance of native iOS apps.

Download iPadian

iphone emulator for pc


 Although it sounds like it should be a website and not a mobile application, is actually an iPhone emulator for PC, meant for developers who want to test or beta-test their game before the final launch. Coded with the HTML-5 language, it’s lightweight as a result and runs and executes tools and utilities quickly and efficiently.

These features, which are integrated directly into the app, include the ability to share demo videos of your app to everyone who might be a potential customer of your products or programs. You can even use this demo-video tool to show the app to investors, giving them yet another incentive to invest into your developing product.

After the demo—which doesn’t need a download to be accessed—these users will be provided with a call-to-action (CTA) button, which leads them to the URL of your app on the Apple store. In other words, thanks to this iOS emulator, you can look for investors and potential customers in a unique, efficient way that will distinguish you from the rest of the competition.

The app is simple, user-friendly, and easy to use—and, fortunately, free. Setup and installation are simple—basically, anyone can get the app running in a short amount of time—and you will be able to both test cross-platform apps and to play video games that would otherwise only be available on the iPhone.


 6- Electric Mobile Studio

This professional-level iOS emulator for PC was specifically designed so that iOS app developers can make games and other applications without adding any additional stress to their developing experiences (or their lives). It can be used to develop, redesign, and test apps on Windows PCs.

You can also run almost all of the iOS applications that are available on Apple’s App Store. While EMS is a paid app, you can access the free trial for 7 days, so that you can get a handle on the app before you decide to pay for it or not.

Download Electric Mobile Studio

7- iMAME

 Unlike the other apps featured on this list, iMAME is not simply an iOS emulator. Instead, it gives you the ability to play iOS games on your PC—not only because those games are exclusive to the iPhone and you have an Android, but also because, for a lot of us, games are more enjoyable and easier to maneuver when they’re played on a larger, front-facing screen. (Plus, it’s easier to beat your high score)

Anyway, despite its powerful ability to play video games, iMAME is also lightweight—these games were developed for mobile systems, after all—and the app itself will run smoothly, with no hiccups or problems developing during playtime.

It can basically play any game you throw at it, whether it’s a tower-defense game with tons and tons of small, complex, constantly moving elements or a puzzle game full of complicated features and processes that only the best players can beat.

It can be downloaded for free online, and—despite the fact that it’s perfect for iOS games—you can use it for literally any game you come across, including retro games and vintage arcade titles. All you need to do, if you’d like to play a game with iMAME (poetry ahoy!), is find a ROM of that game available online.

Download iMAME

8- Xamarin Testflight

 Xamarin is one of known as an excellent iOS emulator for PC—Windows and Mac operating systems, to be more precise. It is popular not only because it can play games that were initially available on systems that employ iOS as their operating system, like iPhones and iPads, but also because developers can use it to play the games that they have created themselves.

In other words, it’s a good choice because they can play around with their game and fine-tune it on a larger, more efficient screen—hosted on a powerful device, with more efficient Internet-browsing capabilities—which just makes the development process more convenient overall.

They can even use Testflight to make apps for Android devices. Not to mention, other iOS apps can be tested as well, including those that aren’t video games, if you use the IDE for Visual Studio, which can be integrated seamlessly into the system.

As well, Xamarin is available not only on Windows and Mac, but also directly on iOS systems as well. Integration is seamless across all three platforms, and developers can share up to 75% of their development logic between the three systems.

They can even share user interfaces among the three. And not to mention, Xamarin Test Cloud allows them to automate testing fully developed apps, making mobile app development easier than it ever was before.

It is also the first official Apple emulator that was developed to specifically test apps compatible with iOS. It’s the perfect app for professionals to use, but an excellent tool for personal use, too.

Download Xamarin Testflight

9- MobiOne

This is also an iOS emulator for PC that is among the most popular. In fact, it can be used both to develop and run iOS apps, as well as to design the look and feel of apps. It uses the framework of PhoneGap—which is open-source, like Linux or Android—as well as Cordova, which are based on the HTML-5 model to constitute a hybrid framework.

It is fully equipped, with all of the features you’ll need to keep your development experience running—and functioning—as smoothly as possible, and even includes a customization workbench.

You can drag-and-drop design elements onto your workstation, and design templates are also available. The templates, in particular, will make your app-development experience that much faster, since you don’t have to start completely from the ground up, as it were, and can instead start from a base that will save you a lot of time.

Features on the app allow you to enable status notifications for your desktop PC, play iOS games—even exclusive games that are not available on other phone operating systems— and insert customized icons into your apps so that you can add your own unique experience to your app-development.

It is resource-spare and, as such, can run on any device thanks to its lightweight nature. You won’t have to worry about things like whether or not your hardware can handle it. It’s also the perfect app for developers seeking to develop games that are available cross-platform.

Download MobiOne

10- SmartFace

 SmartFace might have a funny name, but there’s no doubt that it’s a powerful iPhone emulator for PC. It’s especially useful for developers of iOS apps to which they want to give cross-platform functionality. As a matter of fact, this app might even be termed a fully equipped mobility management apps, which can be used to deliver fast, strategic, easy-to-implement solutions on mobile devices.

It is also fully equipped for debugging various issues that might arise in the development of any apps that you’re working on. It’s also especially useful if you’re developing apps that are meant for the iOS in their very first version—that is, applications that are native to the iOS framework. A JavaScript library is available so that you can access plugins developed for other apps, and there’s also a JavaScript code base, which is a separate utility.

If you want to develop your app with an interface that is as seamless, user-friendly, and rich as any of those available on iPhones and iPads, then you’ll want to use a high-powered app like SmartFace. It is an exceptionally good app for professional users since you can test apps in the same way that you would execute them if you were the end user—and thus see everything that the end user sees.

It also has countless cool, innovative features available to give you the most streamlined experience possible. SmartFace offers a high-quality paid version, but the free version is also available as a trial version so that you can see what the app is like before you commit to buying it.

Download SmartFace

iPhone Emulator for PC: a good investment for a gamer like you

Thus, when all is said and done, it’s apparent that your youth has returned: emulators are not only here—they’re thriving—and they’re an excellent way of using apps on other systems, particularly if you don’t actually have access to those systems. And for some of these, you can use them not just as an iOS emulator, but also as an iOS emulator for PC, since they can be used on both mobile and desktop operating systems.

Check out some of these emulators: you’ll likely find an app, or many games, that you’ll really enjoy. To quote the words of a song by Smash Mouth (from that same period of time): “Get your game on. Go play!”


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