15 Kickass Torrents Alternatives, KAT Working [May 2019]

Are you new to torrenting tasks? If yes, this article could be a good starter for you to get more familiar with kickass torrents. Thus, the content would help everyone determine the best kickass torrent alternatives.To start, let us define what kickass torrents are?

What is Kickass Torrent?

Kickass Torrent is among the most popular torrent sites in the torrenting world. It is commonly abbreviated as KAT and provides magnet links for facilitating peer-to-peer file sharing with the help of BitTorrent protocol and provided a director for the torrent files.In 2008, kickasstorrent was founded, and by November work, it was considered as the most visited BitTorrent directory across the world making it surpass The Private Bay. However, in July 2016, kat.cr went the office when the US government seized the government and at the same time, the proxy servers were shut down.kickasstorrentsTo improve the availability of the site, Kickass Torrents added the official Tor network. Onion address. Meaning, even those who have difficulties accessing the site because of their country’s site block can always access the kat.cr through the address lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn.onion on the Tor network. Thus, the said address also allows the users of kickasstorrents to access the website anonymously.The reason why Kickass Torrent is famous is not because of its unique, catchy name, but due to its endless library of the latest, greatest torrents. From games to music to everything you want to access, kat.cr can provide them all.

What are the Kickass Torrent Mirror and Proxy Working

The growing trends of different torrent sites like kickasstorrent already reached many web users including the government along with its related agencies. The government made an effort to shut down these torrent sites due to exposing private content for free.Although these sites are generally blocked by the government, Kickass Torrent mirror and proxy can help you access all the blocked services of Kickass.A Kickass torrent proxy refers to the servers that can reflect the original KAT server employing accessing the page from the main site of Kickass Torrent. Meaning, you can consider it as a mirror of the original site of KAT and these sites are also known as Kickass Torrents Mirror.Following are some of the Kickass Torrent proxy and mirror that are working.
  • Kickass2.org
  • Kickasstorrents.stream
  • Kickass.unlockproj.loan
  • thekat.se
  • Kickasstorrent.cr
  • dustorrent.com
  • kat.am
  • kickass.unblockme.eu
  • kickassimunicity.cab
  • kickass.com
  • kickass.cd
  • kickass.co
There are two ways you can access kickass torrents. First is to access the kickasstorrents using VPN and the other one is by accessing KAT using disabling Internet and Firewall protection.

Privacy and Security Risks of Using Torrent Websites

Using a torrent website can be overwhelming since a torrent contains metadata related to songs, movies, photo, or software downloaded from the peer-to-peer network. Thus, torrent downloads are known to be generally convenient and fastOn the other hand, you need to be aware that torrent websites are also accompanied by privacy and security risks. So, it is a nice idea to understand the possible risks involved with these sites and perform downloading of torrents.Malware and Viruses Risks Torrent downloading can present a risk such as viruses and malware. This is common to the installed and executed software and games. So, it is essential always to run a virus scan and comprehend through comments so that you can prevent infection.Furthermore, your IP address from different devices connected to the torrent is visible. Meaning, hackers, advertisers, and law enforcement can use these IP addressed to target the individual users.Copyright Trolls If you are torrenting illegally, whether you are aware of it or not, there is a huge possibility that you can be chased due to copyright infringement.A copyright troll will get permissions on behalf of the group or individual holding the copyright to the take the legal action against people who perform illegal downloading of media. Thus, a BitTorrent protocol is built so that IP addresses connected to the torrent can be easily traced back. So, we discourage piracy and illegal torrent sharing.ISP Throttling When connected to a VPN and other means of encryption, the Internet service provider of the user can monitor all the Internet traffic. In the case that ISP caught one of its customers who is torrenting, the customer will start to receive a letter. The ISP can also resort to fines, bandwidth throttling, or account suspension or termination.Bandwidth throttling is a way of restricting the speed of the Internet connection while download speed can be restricted non-particular ports, but sometimes IP can restrict all traffic.So, the next time that you will visit a torrent website make sure that you are already aware of the restrictions and never try to perform illegal actions.

15 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives in 2019

Since 2016 kickasstorrents are no longer available for many users across the world. However, it does not mean that you cannot access the impressive torrents anymore.After the shutting down of kickasstorrent, most of the users were left with no choice but to look for similar sites. Several Kick Ass Torrents alternatives can provide users with almost the same content.So, here are the top 15 best KAT alternatives
  1. The Pirate Bay

kick ass torrents AlternativesThe Pirate Bay is among the most used KAT alternatives across the world. It utilizes a P2P file sharing intended to those who are using the BitTorrent protocol. One of the interesting things about this Kick Ass Torrents alternative is that it is available in thirty-five languages.This KAT alternative is also one of the largest torrent websites and users can access it free of charge, and it offers infinite content.Features:
  • Does not display X-rated advertisement reviews
  • Does not require an account to use it
  • A straightforward user interface where users can search for Torrents, TV shows, Browse Torrents, music, or Top 100
  • Provides Top 100 most downloaded content
Thus, The Pirate is considered as excellent media software for entertainment.
  1. Torrentz2.eu

Kat AlernativesAlthough Torrentz2.eu is quite similar to kickasstorrents, it does not host any torrent files. Instead, this KAT alternative can combine the results from tons of torrent search engines like kickasstorrents and then, it will present them on a single page.Features:
  • Sorting option by days
  • On and/or Off filter
  • Verified and/or not verified option
  • Clean, primary user interface making it possible for easy to understand navigation
  • The homepage offers a handy search bar where users can search from all the available content on the site.
  • Shows specific statistics for total downloads, views, servers and files, visitors, and other valuable site data.
For a basic yet powerful KAT alternative, Torrentz2.eu is a good option.
  1. Torlock

Kickass Torrents MirrorTorlock is one of the most impressive Kick Ass Torrents alternatives due to its variety of features which includes an outstanding UI. It offers thousands of torrents being indexed in different categories such as games, music, software, Tv shows online, and more. It only includes verified torrents and ensures that users can have a fast and convenient user experience.Features:
  • Curated torrents for games, eBooks, shows, and movies
  • Provides all torrents on the homepage
  • Keeps the users updated about the latest website additions where they can subscribe to the RSS feed
  • Adds hundreds of new torrents daily
Torlock is currently had more than 40 million verified torrents in different categories.
  1. RARBG

sites like kickasstorrentSince 2009, RARBG is a famous KAT alternative in the torrent community. Despite being old, many users find the features and content interesting. It evokes a certain sense of being organized.This Kick Ass Torrents alternative can be sorted into eight main categories while requiring all torrents to have a clear description, well-formatted name, as well as a whole host intended for other information. As a result, users find it easier to decide which one they want to download.Features:
  • One of the best torrent sites
  • Offers interest content including movies and series similar to the new sections on the homepage
  • Easy to choose content due to categories like Top 10, torrents and more.
If you want to stay connected with the latest happenings, RARBG is a reliable and trusted KAT alternative.
  1. LimeTorrents

kat alternativesLimeTorrents is known for its green-colored interface and as a great alternative to kickasstorrents. Due to its effective features, it became a popular name for many torrent users. This KAT alternative only provides the community with verified torrents on the site.Features:
  • Offers a gigantic torrent catalog that is being updated almost every hour
  • Users can look for torrents in the designated categories or in the latest torrent and top torrent lists
  • Clean and green, user-friendly interface
  • Each torrent is mentioned with its size, leech ratio or seed, and health
  • Provides a very comfortable way to download active, reliable, and reliable torrents
On the other hand, the servers of LimeTorrents become unavailable, so it advisable to use the LimeTorrents proxy.
  1. Popcorn Time

movie torrentsPopcorn Time is not actually a torrent site but instead an application available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. In fact, it is considered as the Netflix of many torrent lovers.This KAT alternative allows many users to stream different media content utilizing using the BitTorrent P2P protocol. One of the most prominent among its exceptional features is the easy to use interface.Features:
  • Users can search and watch movies directly from the torrents
  • Allows the users to search for the best torrents on 3D, 720P, and 108P
  • An add-free app that allows the users to enjoy watching unlimited TV series and movies without any interruption
  • Has a built-in VPN and torrent client
  • Users can download various movies from the torrent
  • Allows the users to select a particular format they want to see the content
If you are interested with this KAT alternative, you can download it from Google Store and App Store.
  1. Extra Torrent

kickass torrent proxy siteDue to shutting down of kickasstorrents, Extra Torrent became one of the best Kick Ass Torrents alternatives. In fact, it is considered as the largest torrent indexing website in the world, and it offers a vast range of torrent links.Although the user interface of the website is not quite impressive, still the users can watch all the content on the site without worrying about interruptive ads.Features:
  • Offers an impressive collection of shows, movies, music, and other torrents
  • Shows the users the health of every torrent
  • Becomes handy when users wish to download torrent file quickly even without checking the details
If the server of the site is down, you can take advantage of ExtraTorrent Proxy.
  1. Zooqle

kat alternative workingZooqle is a convincing and great KAT alternative. This torrent site delivers a vast variety of torrents being spread across different categories. Users also find the interface of the site neat and clean.The Kick Ass Torrents alternative is readily available for the users over the Internet and offers latest and newly released movies. It also allows the users to watch games, shows, and anything that a user can expect from a torrent site.Features:
  • Users can easily check all the offerings on the top of the torrent site’s homepage
  • Displays most seeded torrents
  • The homepage is divided into 2 sections, the movies and TV shows for easy navigation
  • Has an advanced search option where users can specify the file size, time of torrent indexing, word matching, category, and language.
If you expect for complete features and services, this torrent site is for you.
  1. YTS Torrent

yts movie torrentsYTS Torrent is made famous due to its blending of excellent picture quality and file size. It is considered as the official source for YTS YIFY movies. Unlike other Kick Ass Torrents alternatives offering torrents from different categories, this site offers latest Kick Ass movies from different genres.Features:
  • Offers a unique website altogether
  • Offers super high quality yet compressed movie torrents
  • Users do not have to get compromised on bandwidths just to watch the site’s HD content
Although YTS Torrent is not available in all countries because it might be blocked in a particular region, you can use a VPN to access the site.
  1. ISOHunt

kickass torrents proxyIn 2023, ISOhunt was shut down, but because of some redesigning, the KAT alternative is back up and still running today.This torrent site does not host the torrent files directly, but instead, it helps the users to search for files by means crawling some torrent sites. It includes important precautions for copyright infringement.To download using the torrent services, users must have a torrent file which will contain the location that will inform the client where to go to find the website, tracker or even search engine responsible for managing the downloading and uploading o the torrent files.Furthermore, IsoHunt offers search options for easy and intuitive use of the site. These include Boolean operators, site status, tools and widgets, and community.Features:
  • Has almost everything a user is looking for from Anime to games
  • Has a fussy, easy to use interface
  • Has a handy search bar found on the homepage to help the users easily search any content available on the site.
If you prefer an easy search and navigation, ISO Hunt is the idea torrent site for you.
  1. SeedPeer

kickass torrents alternativesSeedPeer is another impressive torrent index site and formerly known as Meganova. This KAT alternative is already updated except for the torrent repository. Many users find the interface clean and easy to navigate.Nonetheless, the torrent site offers two easy way to search for the necessary content – common search and search by categories. In common search, users have to type the torrent file title they want to download in the search bar while in search by category option, users have to choose a category to download the torrent files.Features:
  • The homepage has a significant search bar that contains different categories
  • Updates the contents regularly so that users can enjoy the new features and services
  • The homepage is presented by list according to the recently-added torrent file, useful links, and helpful tags
  • Supplies a verified torrent section
If the site is not available, you can use the SeedPeer proxy.
  1. katcr.co

katcrThe user interface and design of Katcr.co look exactly as KAT. So, many users might get confused on their first impression of the site.The torrent site has a clean and user-friendly database. To keep the users safe, only safe elements are used.Features:
  • Users can search for software, movies, music, games, eBooks, and anything that a user wish to see
  • An excellent KAT alternative that can download any stuff
  • The website does not earn profits through ads because they sell VPN software
If you are interested with this torrent site, make sure to comprehend the terms and privacy of the site before downloading.
  1. Torrents

torrentsTorrents site is considered to be more of a Google search engine for many torrent users. In fact, it can search from six hundred different torrent websites to find the torrent.Features:
  • Users can obtain a considerable amount of data from the site including the statistics
  • The interface looks extremely eye-appealing
  • Includes the latest trends and newly released content in the download section
  • Best websites are ranked in each of the different categories such as games, movies, music, software, and post.
To avoid any interruptions while you are watching content on the torrent site, you can utilize the ad-blocker.
  1. 1337X

kat working siteUsers who prefer more obscure torrents consider 1337X as a great option. Although the torrent database is not as huge as others, it offers tons of interesting features.The front page of the torrent site is updated regularly where users can enjoy popular, current information about torrenting, torrents, and different categories of interest. The level of advertising can be frustrating to the part of users, but once they have passed the ads, the search result pages will provide lots of useful, latest information.Features:
  • A best looking torrent sire with lots of sorting options and categories
  • Offers description of a torrent file, comment section, and file to download
  • Delivers a magnet link
  • Downloads verified torrents and no redirects
  • The most appropriate torrent site to download movies and TV series
  • Too fast and users can easily get any type of app and software they want
  • Community-based
If you are looking for a Kick Ass Torrents alternative with no redirects, this site suits your need.
  1. TorrentDownloads

torrent downloadsTorrentDownloads is best known for its very straightforward torrent detail page. As a result, it offers a large database and best quality torrents available in different categories.Through this torrent site, users have the opportunity to find the most current torrents, rate files, and leave comments on the files to reduce a fake number files available on the site. Thus, it utilizes an advanced search option allowing the users to narrow the field of potential returns by status, providers, and category.Features:
  • Easy to use layout and vast array of titles
  • Users can find current files to download in Anime, movies, software, games, and music
  • Quality, high resolution, and reliable video torrents
  • Provides a well-detailed page for downloading a variety of information from the file size to date it was added
  • Icons on each download can help the users to see and determine whether a seeder is trusted quickly
If your ideal torrent site is the one that offers an effective to determine trusted seeder, TorrentDownloads is what you need.


The shutting down of kickasstorrents should not stop you from getting high quality torrents. There are plenty of Kick Ass Torrents alternatives you can rely on. However, users should consider different factors when considering a particular torrent site such as ownership details, popularity, features, or even threats.Although some KAT alternatives display a high trust rating, it is recommended to do further research. But, with the above information, we hope that you have finally found the particular torrent site that can satisfy your unique needs. Each KAT alternative has its own features and specifications so the choice will depend on your preference. Thus, make sure to avoid illegal torrenting or be sure that you are fully aware that you are not related to this kind of activities.
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