Does Your App Have What it Takes to Be a Big Seller?

Apple App Store and Google Play each have over two million digital products (including apps) to choose from. According to Forbes, there is an increasingly large number of startups, developers, and big businesses that want a piece of the app market.This means that creating a ‘viable’ app will no longer be enough. Developers wishing to make a top-selling app need something different; qualities that users will feel like enjoying regularly, recommend to friends, or rely on.before launch an appBefore launching your app, make sure you do your research and go beyond MVP (minimum viable product) level of satisfaction.

What is MVP Research?

An MVP (or Minimum Viable Product) is a kind of prototype that can comprise a landing page, simple version of the final app, or any publication that reveals the contents of the app.The MVP is then tested with users, investors, and fellow developers. Additionally, developers should conduct keyword searches, using tools such as Google AdWords, Moz Keyword Explorer, SEM rush, or WordStream, to see how ‘saturated’ the subject of their app might be.If you are covering a fulfilled need, how can your app  Finally, when talking to test users and developers, receiving feedback on app utility, design, and functionality, is key. It will enable you to tweak and add certain functions or even work on the appeal of your app’s design.

Building a Landing Page

If your app is almost ready, a landing page will enable you to highlight the most important features of your app, and test the extent to which consumers are willing to buy into it.You can either higher a developer for your landing page, use a template from a landing page builder like leadpages, MailChimp, or ThemeForest, or (if you are unfamiliar with coding) use an easy mobile landing page builder.Use your landing page to compare the number of clicks vs the number of people who actually wish to download your app. You may have to build more than one landing page as you tweak your app. Doing so will enable you to gauge the extent to which the changes are resulting in conversions.

Financial Viability

You will need a thorough business plan before taking the leap into app development and release. This should include the price you expect to charge for the app, plus your costs, and estimated revenue and profit. It should also state your timeline, monthly costs, and cost of marketing and launching, etc.If you will be financing your app, you should indicate how you will be paying off the loan. In your business plan, state how much you need to borrow and how you plan to offset the debt. The topic of competitors should be directly addressed.You need to discuss what makes your app different and how you plan on raising the bar or offering different functions to those that already exist. If you are finding it difficult to connect with investors, consider pitching your idea on a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or AppBackr. The interest generated will give you a good idea of whether or not your app has that coveted ‘wow’ factor.Before launching your app, you will need to test the waters through efforts such as one or more landing pages. If MVP was an aim in the past, today, you need to go a bit further, fulfilling a demand that your competitors are currently failing to do. Test and tweak your app as you go along, relying on testing and expert opinion to gauge audience interest.
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