How to download the Coral mobile app for Android

Important: First you will need to create a player’s account at Coral. The registration process is free and wouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

Register and Download Coral App

To download the Coral mobile app, you’ll need to download the .apk file and install it directly on your Android device. To do that, simply follow these steps:

  1. Grab your Android device and open up the settings option.
  2. Make your way to Security & restrictions and press on it.
  3. Locate Unknown sources and press on it as well.
  4. You will see a toggle button to turn on FileBrowser, press the toggle button to turn it on.
  5. Head over to Coral’s mobile app download page through your mobile browser.
  6. Look for the Android version of the app and press the Download button.
  7. Once you’re redirected to the Download page, follow the instructions presented on the page to download the .apk file.
  8. Most Android browsers will ask if you want to give access to your photos, media, and files on your device. You’ll need to press the Allow button.
  9. You may receive a popup that says the file is harmful. Ignore this message and just press OK.

If you followed these steps correctly, you should have the Coral mobile app .apk file downloaded on your Android device.

screenshorts of the coral android app

How to install Coral mobile app for Android

Once you have the Coral mobile app .apk file downloaded on your Android, you’ll need to install it to be able to run the app. Follow these instructions to do so:

  1. Open up the FileBrowser app and then go to Local Disk, then Download.
  2. Look for the Coral mobile app .apk file that you downloaded from the previous section, press on it, and then press the OK button.
  3. Once you hit OK, The .apk file will to install on your phone. You’ll need to wait for it to finish.
  4. If you didn’t toggle on the Filebrowser option from the previous section, you may receive a warning saying your phone is unable to install unknown apps from this source. To bypass this message, just press Settings and then Always. After that, you’ll need to press the toggle button.
  5. When you’re at the installation screen, press the Install button to start installing the .apk file onto your device.

After the .apk file finishes installing on your device, the Coral mobile app should open. If the app doesn’t open, find it on your home screen and open it yourself.

How to download the Coral mobile app for iOS

If you have an iOS device, follow these steps to download the Coral mobile app:

  1. Head to the App Store on your device.
  2. In the search bar above, type in “Coral” and look for the official app made by Coral Interactive.
  3. Press the GET button beside the app.
screenshots of the coral ios app for iphone

Download CORAL APP for iOS

How to install Coral mobile app for iOS

To install the Coral mobile app, you’ll need to follow the instructions on downloading the app the first. The instructions are listed directed above this section. Follow these steps to install the Coral mobile app on your iOS device.

  1. After following the Coral mobile app download instructions, wait for the app to finish installing on your device.
  2. Go back to your home screen and look for the Coral mobile app.
  3. Press on the app to finish the installation process.

If you followed these steps correctly, the Coral mobile app should be successfully installed on your iOS device.

How to download Coral mobile app for Windows Phone

If you have a Windows Phone, follow these instructions to download the Coral mobile app:

  1. Open your mobile browser and visit Coral’s mobile app download page.
  2. Look for the Windows Phone section and press the Download button.
  3. Follow the instructions to download the Coral mobile app on your Windows device.

Now, you should have the Coral mobile app downloaded on your Windows Phone. The next step is to install the app so you can run it. Move to the next section below.

coral windows app screenshots

How to install Coral mobile app for Windows Phone

To install the Coral mobile app, you’ll need to have downloaded the mobile app on your Windows Phone first. To install the app, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Coral mobile app download file on your Windows Phone.
  2. Press the downloaded file and complete the installation process.
  3. Wait for the app to finish installing on your device.
  4. Go back to your home screen and open the app.

If you’ve done everything according to the instructions, you should have the Coral mobile app downloaded and installed on your Windows Phone. Simply press on the app to run it.

Benefits of the Coral Mobile App

Using the Coral mobile app is a gaming option because there are quite a few benefits to it. Aside from being free, here are some other benefits of using the mobile app:

  • Glitch and bug-free – When you run the Coral mobile app, you’ll have a completely glitch and bug-free experience. The app is carefully designed by Coral professionals to ensure your gaming experience is as smooth as possible.
  • Easy-to-use navigation – The navigation on the mobile app is very beginner friendly. As soon as you get on the app, you’ll be given a simple interface that’ll help guide you to whatever it is you’re looking for. You can also use the search bar to look for specific games or links. You can also use the FAQ section of the site to find answers to common things you’re looking for.
  • Playing on the go – If you download the Coral mobile app, you’ll have access to all of Coral’s features with the press of a button. No need to open a browser and log in every time.

Coral Mobile Website Version

Although there’s a mobile app, the mobile website is still a great alternative to use. When you access the mobile site, you’ll be given options to Join, Sign in, and create Betslips. You’ll also see a drop-down menu that gives you links to all other sections on the Coral site. You should be able to find everything you’re looking for with this menu.

You can choose anything from Sports, Casino, Live Casino, Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Virtuals, and more. Coral mobile casino selection is very popular. There are plenty of titles to choose from, and the entire site loads very quickly, so you don’t have to worry about missing out of the action or having a bad gaming experience. On the mobile site, you’ll see all the live dealer games, featured matches, in-play sports events, and more! You can browse through all the available markets and choose one to wager on.

coral mobile version thru tablet

Notable Apps Features

Coral has many notable app features that you need to take advantage of. You can use these features whenever you want, so be sure to take full advantage of them! They can help open up new betting opportunities, and they can even save you some money during your games. Here are some of the features you should be aware of:

  • Live streaming
    The live streaming option allows you to view events that are being live streamed from across the globe. There are nearly 2,000 to choose from, so be adventurous. The live streaming option is available for IOS and Android devices. Feel free to bet on any live streamed matches as well.
  • Cash Out option
    The Coral mobile Cash Out option is a safety option for players who want to lock in their balance. If you’ve accumulated a lot of profits, you can Cash Out your bets, meaning your profits will be locked. On the other hand, you can Cash Out your current balance to prevent further losses.
  • In-Play option
    The in-play option allows players to bet on competitions that are being played live. This is a great feature because you don’t need to place wagers before the start of the event. The in-play markets are for all kinds of sports, so you aren’t limited to a few. You can see how a game progresses and then place your bets.

Other Sections

There are plenty of other sections on the Coral mobile app that you should look at. Each of these sections has different markets, different payouts, and different gaming experiences on offer. Some of the other sections you should look at include horse racing, tennis, greyhounds, virtuals, snooker, poker, bingo, lotto, and more. Coral mobile poker, Coral mobile bingo, and Coral mobile horse racing are great games to play. Give them a shot if you’ve never played them before. As you can see, there are tons of other games to choose from! It’s smart to try as many games as you can as you may find better luck with some compared to others.

Each section has its own dedicated community that you can connect with. You can play with other players, or by yourself. Each game allows you to place wagers that make sense for your balance, so you don’t have to worry about having a lot of cash in-hand.

Mobile Promotions

When you sign up with Coral through your mobile device, you will not receive a special bonus. This is nothing to be disappointed about as there are plenty of other bonuses and promotions to consider. Coral does a great job of running promotions that keep their customers happy. Here are a few of them:

  • A £50 Welcome Bonus – This offer is only available to new customers. To receive this welcome bonus, sign up with Coral and place a minimum £10 bet on any Casino and Slot games. Then, you’ll receive the bonus money. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully as you won’t be able to withdraw the bonus money immediately.
  • A Free £10 Sign Up Bonus – You’ll receive a free £10 bonus when you sign up and opt-in to Coral’s gaming promotions page. It’ll take a few days to receive the bonus money.
  • A Sportsbook New Player Bonus – The new player bonus offers you £20 in free bets as long as you place wagers of £5. This offer is very limited, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Coral Mobile Apps VS Coral Mobile Version

The mobile apps and mobile version are both great options. It is true that they are similar, but they still have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages. One is not better than the other, so it’s up to you to decide which one you will play Coral mobile on. Remember, you can switch between them at any time.

Advantages to using the Coral mobile app:
  • The Coral mobile app has been specifically designed for mobile devices. This means you will have the best gaming experience as possible when using the app.
  • You’re able to gain full access to Coral mobile’s features without having to open your mobile browser, typing in the Coral URL, and then logging in.
  • Every stand-alone app that Coral has is designed to keep you focused on that specific game. You won’t get distracted by all the other features and apps.
  • Every time you log in or use one of the payment methods, your information will be 100% secured.
Downsides to using the mobile app:
  • There are minimum requirements to run the Coral mobile app. If your device isn’t compatible, you may have to use to mobile site.
  • The Coral app needs to be updated every time another version is released.
  • When you download the mobile app, it’ll take up space on your phone. The more data you collect through the app, the more space it’ll take up.
  • You’re unable to zoom in on any elements with the mobile app, so if you have poor eyesight, it may be hard to see certain things.

Coral Mobile Version

Advantages to using the mobile site:
  • By using the mobile site, you’re saving yourself some storage space by not having to download the app on your device.
  • The mobile site is designed to fit perfectly on any mobile device’s screen.
  • The site automatically updates, so you don’t have to worry about keeping anything up to date.
  • You’re able to zoom in on specific elements using the mobile site.
Disadvantages to using the mobile site:
  • The mobile site is not going to be fully optimized like the mobile app. Every browser has the risk of experiencing glitches and bugs.
  • You’ll need to open your mobile browser, enter in the Coral URL, and then log in every time you wish to play.
  • Using the mobile site requires a stable internet connection. If there isn’t one nearby, you will have to run the app on your cellular data plan.

As mentioned earlier, there are some specific requirements to run the Coral mobile app on your mobile devices. If you’re using an iOS device, you’ll need to have at least iOS 9 installed. It’s always safe to upgrade to the latest iOS system to avoid compatibility issues. The same goes for Android. If you’re using an Android device, you’ll need to have at least Froyo 2.2 or Oreo 8.1 installed. As long as you have a somewhat modern Android device, it should be compatible to run Coral mobile.

Most devices will be compatible with Coral mobile, including the ones listed below. If you run into any connectivity issues, contact Coral’s amazing support team to help you out.

  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • iPhone 5+
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini
  • HTC
  • Nokia
  • Windows Mobile 5+

Mobile Payment Options

There are many payment options to choose from with Coral mobile. Each payment method will be 100% secured, so you don’t have to worry about potential breaches. You don’t have to stick to one payment method, you can switch between them at any time. Here are all the mobile payment methods available through the Coral mobile app, including their limits.

Payment MethodDeposit MinimumDeposit MaximumTime for Deposit
Visa£5not specifiedInstant
Neteller£5not specifiedInstant
Skrill£5not specifiedInstant
Paysafe Card£5not specifiedInstant
MasterCard£5not specifiedInstant
PayPal£10not specifiedInstant
Skrill 1-Tap£5not specifiedInstant
Eco£5not specifiedInstant
Coral Connect Card£5not specifiedInstant
Payment MethodWithdrawal MinimumWithdrawal MaximumTime for Withdrawal
Visa£0.1 / no minimumnot specified2-5 Working Days
Neteller£0.1 / no minimumnot specifiedUp to 24 Hours
Skrill£0.1 / no minimumnot specifiedUp to 24 Hours
Paysafe Card£0.1 / no minimumnot specifiedUp to 24 Hours
MasterCard£0.1 / no minimumnot specified2-5 Working Days
PayPal£0.1 / no minimumnot specifiedUp to 24 Hours
Skrill 1-Tap£0.1 / no minimumnot specifiedUp to 24 Hours
Eco£0.1 / no minimumnot specifiedUp to 24 Hours
Coral Connect Card£0.1 / no minimumnot specifiedUp to 24 Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

I already downloaded the Coral .apk file. What if it won’t install?

If your Coral mobile app .apk won’t install, try restarting your device. If it still doesn’t work, place the .apk file in FileBrowser/data/apps, and then restart your mobile device again. Turn off all screen dimming apps and update your Android device to the latest version.

How to use the Coral app?

The app will always work unless otherwise stated by the company. If you find that your app is not working, try reinstalling the app or connect to another internet connection.

Can I change the odds from Fractional to Decimal?

To change the odds from fractional to decimal, open the settings option and change the odds there.

Does Coral work for Android?

The Coral mobile app for Android works as long as you meet the minimum requirements as specified under the Supported devices section.

How do I cancel a withdrawal?

To cancel a withdrawal, all you need to do is visit the withdrawal page in Coral and press the cancel button. Alternatively, you can reverse a portion of your withdrawal and keep the rest in the process.

I forgot my username or password.

You can attempt to recover your credentials by the FORGOT USERNAME or FORGOT PASSWORD links. You can also contact their support team.

How do I contact Coral?

You can contact Coral at any time using their Contact page. You will find the link at the bottom of the mobile site.

How do I make a withdrawal?

To make a withdrawal, you’ll need to verify specific documents to prove you are who you say you are. Once your documents have been approved, you can withdrawal your documents using the Withdrawal page.

About Coral

Coral is a bookmaker that has been in business since 1926, so they’ve been around for a very long time. The company was established in the UK but has shops across the globe. Their mobile services provide players with exceptional gaming experience. You will be able to find everything you’re looking through their mobile app. You can even contact them to give suggestions on how to improve! You’d be missing out if you didn’t try any of Coral’s mobile services.

Final Verdict and Apps Rating

Coral is a great company to place wagers on. They have everything you need to make your gaming experience as fun as possible. The Coral mobile app undoubtedly deserves a solid 9/10 rating being one of the leading betting operators on the iGaming market.

Visit CORAL Mobile

Coral is available on these devices:

Apple iPad, Air, Mini, Pro, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, SE, 6, 6S, 7, 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XR, 11
SamsungS10, S10e, S10+, S20, S20+, Tab, Edge, Edge+, S6, S7, S8, S8+, S9, S9+, Note, Mini, A41, A71, A51, A90, A3, A5, A7, A8, S, pro, Xcover 3
XIAOMIMi 10 Lite, 10 Pro, 9 Pro, Redmi 8, Redmi 9, Redmi K30 Pro, MIX Alpha, Note 10, 10 Pro, Note 9S, Note 9 Pro Max, 8A Pro, 8A Dual
LGG5, G6, G7, G8, Q6, Q7, Q60, Q Stylus, V30, V40, X Power, mach, K8, K9, K11, K40, K41, K50, K61, Q60, LTE, X cam, screen, Flex 2, V10, Class, 5X, Mini, G Pads 7.0, 8.0, 8.3, 10.1
SonyCompact, Premium, Compact, Plus, Xperia M5, 1 II, 5, 10, Z5, ZR, E5, V, L, SP, ZL, XZ, X, XA, XA2, Ultra, XZ2, Tablet Z4, Z3
MotorolaMoto e6, One Zoom, One Action, razr, G power, g stylus, edge+, edge, Moto E, moto g fast, one fusion+, one, moto g7 play, moto z4
HTCNexus Series, One mini, max, A9, A9s, S9, 10, Dual SIM, U11+, U12+, U Ultra, Play, Lifestyle, Desire 19+, 12, 12+
HuaweiMate S, XS, 30 Pro, P10, P30, P40 Pro, P40 lite, P9, lite, Mate 10 Pro, 20 Pro, plus, Y6, Y6s, Y7, MediaPad T5, M5
OnePlus8 Pro, 8, 7T Pro, 7T, 6T, 5T, 3T
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