4 Must Have Apps to Take the Stress Out of City Living

No matter how much you might love living in the city, most urban dwellers know, city life can be STRESSFUL. Cities are great for living close to fun bars, restaurants, and attractions and sometimes for living close to work, but there are elements of city living that just are not easy to beat. With these four must-have apps for those living in the world’s big cities, all that stress becomes a lot less. Here are four apps you should definitely download now if you live in a city and want to make your life more convenient on a daily basis:

1. ClassPass

Okay, so maybe working out isn’t your first priority when you’re already busy enough running around, working, and trying to have a social life. But you really can’t shy away from the fact that exercise really does alleviate stress. In a big city, though, sometimes finding the time to work out–and the right gym for you–can be a nightmare. With ClassPass, you can take the stress right out of your gym search and get access to a network of 10,000 different fitness studios across the globe. Whether you want to stick to cycling, yoga, Pilates, strength training, barre, and other fitness studios in your home city or need to find places to work out when you’re traveling for work, ClassPass has options for you. With just one monthly membership, starting at $15 per month, you can sign up for classes all around the city. Best of all, there are no commitments, and you can cancel your membership at any time! Ever tried to cancel your gym membership and been slammed with fees or too many hoops to jump through? Yeah, not with ClassPass. No matter how busy you are with your city life, ClassPass makes it easier for you to find ways and places to workout, taking away so much stress and leaving you fit and fabulous. It’s definitely a must-have for urban residents.

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2. Foursquare

Have you ever had a friend ask you how you love living in a city known for its amazing attractions and restaurant scene and realized you almost never go anywhere but work and home? Sometimes figuring out where to go without getting in a rut can cause unnecessary regret. If you want to find the best restaurants, shops, bars, and places to visit in your city and really enjoy the hub where you live, look no further than Foursquare. This technology company utilizes location intelligence and the help of two apps for Android and iOS, Foursquare City Guide and Foursquare Swarm, to help you find the best places to go in any city in the world, including your own. Using the location technology, you can even find ATMs near you at anytime! With Foursquare City Guide, you can find out where to shop, eat, drink, and visit in your city, and hopefully discover new places, using the guidance of your own trusted community. Foursquare Swarm, as an added little bonus, keeps track of where you go on a daily basis, reminding you to try new things and cultivate new experiences. With the aid of Foursquare, you can make your urban life that much more interesting by seeing your city from the eyes of a tourist and eventually becoming an expert. Before you know it, you’ll be showing all your friends and family the best places to go in your home city.

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3. ParkMobile

One of the most stressful parts about living in the city is parking–especially if your city does not have a stellar transit system. People who live in cities all over the world are likely groaning in agreement…city parking is THE WORST. Parking is often difficult to find in overcrowded urban areas, and once you do find a parking space, feeding the meter can be a major pain. If you’re in a hurry, even heading to a parking pay station feels extremely inconvenient. ParkMobile is a stellar app that allows you to pay for parking right from your mobile device! In select areas where you find ParkMobile, you can even reserve parking in advance. You can also search for parking spots in your area and avoid the streets that are already full. ParkMobile will let you store your license plate numbers, so you can select which car you’re about to park, and you can store up to seven different forms of payment to help you pay for parking with ease. Even better, if you’re away from your meter and know your time limit is almost up, you can simply add more time right on your phone using the ParkMobile app! ParkMobile also serves many different major event spaces like concert halls and sports stadiums, so using the ParkMobile app you can reserve your spot for the big game or concert ahead of time, allowing you to spend more of your energy on the fun you’re going to have and less on painstakingly making parking plans.

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4. Waze

Speaking of the stress parking causes, what about city traffic? If you live in a city and haven’t heard of Waze and Waze Carpool, you are truly missing out on some MAJOR stress relievers. If you drive alone around the city, Waze helps you out by crowdsourcing traffic information and helping you find the least congested route. For people living in super crowded cities, sometimes even getting redirected around the mess is a much better option that grinning and bearing that stop-and-go life. Waze will find the best route in the shortest time possible, even alerting you to hazards on the road like a stopped car, object blocking traffic, or nearby accident. Waze Carpool is for those commuters hoping to save money on gas and also reduce their effect on the environment. But this app is different than Uber or Lyft, because you can actually choose who you carpool with based on star ratings, filters by gender or ‘coworkers only’, and very detailed profiles. You can just open the app to see who’s on your route and become either a driver or a rider. This app is great for people who want to drive less, but it’s also convenient if you don’t have a car and need a break from public transit every now and then you can get the Waze app for PC here.

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So download these four apps and start enjoying your life in the city more! With so many apps for both Android and iOS available, you just have no excuse to complain about that city stress anymore. But hey, don’t take our word for it. See for yourself! You can make your life so much easier and really start taking advantage of all the fun your city has to offer by downloading these awesome apps. Also Read: Legit Apps You Can Use To Earn Cash Online

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