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By on Sep 16, 2013 at 9:47 am

Games like Bejeweled are not infrequent on the App Store. I have played a lot of them, but still developers are very much fascinated in developing such games with diverse genre or theme. Reason – of course, the gameplay is something everyone loves to play for long!


Diamonds Paradise developed by Star Arcade Oy is undeniably a bejeweled clone, which has a strong chance of surviving the fittest in terms of colorful graphics and multiplayer capabilities. First thing, you always need to be connected to the Internet to play Diamonds Paradise. I am still bothered, why developers are not providing an offline mode in such games?

You have to play with your online opponent by connecting diamonds. The more you connect; the more you will get the chance to beat them over. Note that you will be giving the color blue and your opponent has red. You have 35 seconds on each turn to connect the 35 diamonds of your color.

You have various power-ups like dynamite, honeybee that can boost up the connection chain range and makes sudden hikes in your score. Player levels are increased based on your ceiling scoring skill. Diamonds Paradise is a bit bewildering at the initial stages, but once you get into it, the game unquestionably delivers the best for an arcade game lover.

Moreover the game features remarkable multiplayer feature where you can choose your opponents worldwide, chat with then and challenge their skills. In fact, turn-by-turn online games are always real time killers in every facet! There are a lot of players online to test your color matching skills and even you can play for prizes too!

You have score multipliers, in-app purchases to buy additional coins and diamonds. In every aspect the game is a real thriller to enjoy some of your boring moments. It is colorful, interesting and significantly it has online challenging features, which is something every gamer loves to have.


I can’t say that this game is specially made for some target users. Diamonds Paradise is something everyone loves to play even though the game play is a bit old. You can download this game from the Apple App Store for FREE!

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