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By on Jan 1, 2013 at 6:11 am

If you are an iOS user you should be frustrated to see that the Android users downloading music and video files right on their device without any hassle where you should stick only to the iTunes sync procedure for transferring anything to your device. For me this feature in iOS is a great security wall to stop unwanted malicious codes, but sometimes a tough thing that limits my downloads.


Here comes a cool application that clears this problem and allows you to download all the music and video files in your device itself. You can use this app as browser+music player where all of the files downloaded files are managed pretty easily within the app. Opening the app shows the browser that displays the tips to download and transfer various format of files using the app.

Downloading files using this app is very easy task. The main advantage of this app is the option to playback the file before downloading.  You can see the files downloaded using the app under the Downloads button on the menu. All the files are organized well in the Files menu, where you can sort them by name, type, size and date. Another attractive feature is the option to rename the files and create folders all within the app.

Next comes the music player part that comes with all the necessary features needed for a good music player.  In fact, the music player has features like equalizer, sleep timer (very useful one for me) and options to share the track to Twitter and Facebook as well. These are some excellent features for a player app comparing with the native music player on the iOS devices. The app also lets you import all the files from your media library and play the songs/videos within the app. The app prompts for an upgrade on every new launch, which is frustrating at times.


App Store is a vast area with millions of apps to download, but all of them may not find useful for people. Free Music Download Pro Plus excels as a very useful application on your iDevice that solves the head banging issue of downloading files. This app is a real blessing in case if you require any urgent downloads on your iPhone on the go.

Free Music Download Pro Plus supports the latest iPhone 5 and available for $0.99 on the App Store, but if you don’t want to spend any bucks you can get it forFREE, which has the same features as the PRO version except that it is limited to store 15 files and has no Wi-Fi transfer with PC/MAC.

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