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A little over three months ago, we experienced the incredibly detailed and beautiful graphics of Epic Citadel, a demo of the Unreal Engine 3 developed by Epic Games. From this began everyone’s eager anticipation for a complete game. We are now happy to report your wait is over. Together with ChAIR Entertainment, Epic Games has produced Infinity Blade, a medieval action-RPG game that will have you slashing away at monstrous enemies often bigger than you. Can you prevail, or will you perish, leaving your son to pick up your weapons and avenge you?

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Amid all the excitement involved in the release of Infinity Blade for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, I’m sure the burning question behind the backs of many minds must be whether the game lives up to its immense hype. For those who have been hoping to see Epic Citadel come to life in a full-fledged RPG game with characters to interact with and places to explore, I’m sorry to let you know this isn’t what Infinity Blade is. That said, Infinity Blade is a well-fleshed-out action game set in a captivating 3D medieval environment.

In the story woven into Infinity Blade, everything comes full circle. The lands are ruled by an immortal named the God King, who, with his Titan followers, enslave the common people in an unending reign of darkness. With the goal of delivering peace to the world, your father ventures into the God King’s castle. Unfortunately, he isn’t strong enough to defeat the immortal. His blood is the first to empower the God King’s Infinity Blade. As his son, it is your duty to face the God King and avenge your father. Should you fail, your son will fight in your stead. How many bloodlines will it take to put an end to the cycle of doom?

Infinity Blade will have you fighting battle after battle. Most of your enemies will look bigger and badder than you, but except for the God King, you should have little difficulty defeating them — as long as you’re deft with your fingers. Combat is fully controlled via taps and gestures. During a duel, instead of beginning with an attack, which will most likely be blocked, you’ll have to start by blocking, parrying, or dodging. Evading your opponent’s attacks multiple times will open for you a window to attack (called a break). The game will guide you through all the basic actions. To block, you just have to tap the shield icon at the bottom of the screen, while to dodge you have to tap either the left or right arrows. Parrying takes a little bit more coordination. You’ll need to slide your finger in line with your opponent’s strike to meet his weapon. Sometimes, when your weapons clash, you’ll have to repeatedly tap on the screen to push your opponent back. Once you spot a break in your opponent’s defenses, it’s time for you to attack by swiping your finger across his body; multiple left and right slashes will increase the damage wrought. Two more forms of attack are available: Super Attack and Magic, both of which require charging.

Between battles, you can pan around the scene by sliding your finger about, and should you see any bags of gold or blue health potions, just tap on them to pick them up. Sadly, we can’t walk around to explore the castle and its grounds as we choose. Blue circles will highlight the areas you can move to, and tapping on them will make your character move over.

Even though Infinity Blade is more action than RPG, it offers a good deal of RPG elements. You gain experience from each battle and will level up and earn skill points, which you can use to upgrade your character’s abilities. Your equipped weapons will also accumulate experience points. Once a weapon reaches its full capacity, you will master it, which will give you a skill point. Different weapons may grant you different abilities or bonuses. A wide range of weapons and gear is available in the store, and sometimes you may also find items after winning a battle.

In all likelihood, you will fall to the almighty God King several times and have to storm the castle again and again. Each round, you will meet different and more powerful opponents. Although it may seem repetitive to revisit the same settings, the duels, which take place in real time, offer enough challenge to make it worth your while. Combat is about as realistic as can be in a game. Just like in a real fight, timing is ever important. Should you parry too early or too late, you’ll suffer a hit, so you’ve got to watch out for just the right moment. As a whole, Infinity Blade is entirely gorgeous. The animation is utterly slick, and cut scenes are seamlessly integrated into the game, both between and during battles, which made me feel as if I were both watching a movie and playing a game simultaneously. It is also worth noting the developers have promised further content. Apart from more weapons, armor, and magic rings, a future update will enable you to venture into the dark dungeons to meet Titans yet more formidable than the God King.

Always dodge toward the direction of attack and not away. So if your opponent is striking you from the left, you should tap on the left dodge arrow. Once a weapon is mastered, it will in most cases be prudent to equip a new weapon, as mastered weapons will not collect further experience points.

Infinity Blade is definitely the most beautifully rendered game in the App Store, and an experience not to be missed. Fans of action games will easily find themselves engrossed in the gripping battles. Infinity Blade, a universal app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, is reasonably priced at $5.99.

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