Buccaneer Blitz Review for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

By on Dec 8, 2010 at 9:00 am

Get ready to storm the high seas! In Buccaneer Blitz by Namco Networks America Inc, you’ll be dispatching your fleets to conquer islands far and near. Whether or not you can defeat the enemy will depend not just on the size of your armada but also the power of your catapults. Can you capsize the enemy ships before they reach your shores?

Buccaneer Blitz is a refreshing RTS game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Unlike similar games in which you need to take over other areas within a map, Buccaneer Blitz offers both an overall top-down view as well as 3D perspective in which you can pan around the scene and aim a catapult at enemy ships. Other than the main Campaign game mode, you can also participate in Multiplayer games, both local (Bluetooth and wifi) and online.

Buccaneer Blitz currently has two Campaign maps, but you’ll have to complete all fifteen levels in The High Seas before The Lost Ships with its twelve levels will be unlocked. The game is easy enough to pick up, especially with its excellent tutorial. In each level, you’ll start off with one or more islands, which are outlined in blue. Islands delineated in red belong to the enemy, while non-colored islands are neutral. Your objective in the game is to make all the red islands yours. To send your ships out, you have to tap on one of your islands and drag your finger to the destination island of your choice. Half of your ships will then depart, but you’ll need at least six on an island to attack. Other than conquering other islands by sheer force of numbers, you will also be able to cast spells to aid you. You may call up the winds to hasten your ships to enemy shores, hurl lightning at enemy ships to sink them, summon a kraken, or stir up a tsunami. You’ll need manna to fuel your spell casting though, so use your spells prudently. Sometimes, there will be special crystal islands that you’ll wish to take control of, as that will give you extra boosts. Islands with red crystal towers will increase fleet strength, while green crystal towers aid sailing speed.

What makes Buccaneer Blitz more interesting is its upgradeable fortresses and catapult gameplay. To upgrade an island fortress, you have to tap and hold on the island, and when a tiny menu of icons pops up, tap on the fortress icon, above which the upgrade price will be displayed. Upgrading a fortress will enable it to hold a larger population. For islands with catapults, you’ll need to tap on the catapult icon to use the catapult. This will launch you into a 3D view of the islands. Tilting your device will let you pan around the scene from the viewpoint of your catapult. All you need to do to target enemy ships is tap on them.

Buccaneer Blitz comes with attractive graphics and easy game controls. The secondary 3D perspective and ability to capsize enemy ships with catapults makes for a more interesting and varied gameplay. Altogether, this adds depth to the game and increases your range of strategic decisions. Its multiplayer gameplay provides further replay value.

Try to capture larger islands if you can, as their population will multiply faster than smaller islands. You do not necessarily need to capture neutral islands in order to win a game.

Those fond of strategy, especially RTS games, should certainly consider Buccaneer Blitz. As a universal app with multiplayer gameplay, the game is well worth its current $2.99 price in the App Store.


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