Holiday Giveaway for Dec 3: Apple iOS Games from PlayFirst, Inc

By on Dec 3, 2010 at 12:01 am

Welcome to Appmodo’s Holiday Daily Giveaway! Beginning December 1st through December 24th, we’ll be giving away free prizes every day which include netbook computers, iOS games, PC/Mac games, iTunes Gift Cards, iDevice cases/batteries, posters, DVD movies, figurines, comics, and more! Today’s giveaway is from PlayFirst, Inc for two top selling iOS games, Hotel Dash and Diner Dash: Grilling Green.

Product Details

– Hotel Dash: 5 iPhone/iPod Touch app promo codes.
– Diner Dash: Grilling Green: 5 iPad app promo codes.

Update Dec 4: The winners have been emailed. Thank you for your participation!


The contest begins December 3, 2010 at 12:00AM PST and ENDS December 3, 2010 at 11:59PM PST.

1) Simply re-tweet this particular giveaway on Twitter and/or Like it to your Facebook account (located at top of article). THEN…
2) Post a comment below stating why you enjoy RPG and strategy games on the iOS platform and what is your favorite game thus far.

Twitter shortlink:

!!!!!!When you post your comment be sure to include your Twitter @username or Facebook name (whatever you used) AND provide an email address so we can verify your submission!

To be eligible for promo codes/posters/dvd shipment, winners must be located in the United States and have a US based iTunes account.

Good luck!

Special thanks goes out to Intel AppUp Developer Program, Disney Mobile, Chillingo, Fox Digital Entertainment, EA Mobile, Speck Products, mophie, bioserie, PlayFirst, Oceanhouse Media, PopCap, Bolt Creative, and more.

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  • SoulShading

    I will state first then. I like RPGs or strategy games on IOS because i can play them on the go without the need of another device. My phone or tablet allow me to access everything anytime. Plug it to the cloud and it will be even better! :-) @SoulShading – l3gum4n AT hotmail dotcom

  • MoniterB

    I like RPG game since I play Blizzard’s Diablo. A lot of fun when you play it. So I also play Dungeon Hunter on my iphone, equipped to explore the world. Followed and tweeted @Moniterboard

  • I like RPG games too.

  • I enjoy rpg and stragtegy games on the iphone because the ipod is so small I have it with me always. So, no matter where I am I can get my game on! I also like the RPG and strategy games because I feel like I have to use my brain a little to play them. Great stuff! My favorite is still command and conquer red alert. @aloyelshaw

  • Jcman7

    I like RPG games because they tend to be longer games, there are too many short games in the appstore. Also I like leveling up and growing stronger, finding rare items to use in battle. Its just overall a lot of fun. Tweeted @JCman7 liked James. D email JCman7 at aol dot com

  • DL

    I really like RPG games, as I find these to be the most immersive type of games you can play. I also enjoy watching my character get stronger as the levels progress giving a greater sense of accomplishment the more you play! tweeted @daveyleaf

  • Steenbaff

    My personal favorite type of game is the RPG. there are a bunch of them available on ios. I play some of them to kill my train time. Tweeted @Steenbaff

  • Biship

    I love strategy game especially time management games. I have Diner Dash on my Mac, it’s really great to entertain the night time. I want to win the iphone edition. thanks! @illawarrabi


  • Mohdmohaimin

    My favourite strategy game on IOS is StarCraft!Its make we think and organize our team to defeat the others.Plus RPG/strategy game is addictive game. Already tweet @MohaiminZack Like on Facebook @ Mohaimin Zack

  • Honestly, i’m a huge RPG and strategy games fans. I like the fact that i’m being guided in the game with an interesting storyline, and i’ll be able to make various decisions and strategy, which at the end of the day, decided the outcome. It’s a lot of fun since i feel immerse into the game world, being someone/something that i can never be in the real world. My twitter: Joeylfy My Facebook: Le Raine My email: joeyliew87 (at) gmail (dot) com