Moony Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Nov 17, 2010 at 8:50 am

In Moony by Brother of Two, a casual game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, there is only one way to go: Up. Sounds simple? Hardly. Timing is critical, because you’re going to be hopping from and onto moving platforms of varying sizes and shapes.

Moony is all about jumping … up, up, and only up — not sideways, not diagonally, but just vertically up. Even if a red jewel is blinking at you from the side and tempting you, you’re not going to be able get to it unless you’re lucky and the platforms take you there. This red jewel represents an extra life if you can claim it. So leap for it if you can. You’ll probably want that extra life, because you might be running out of lives faster than you wish.

In Moony, the initial two platforms are stationary, just to let you try that first experimental leap. There is no help or tutorial. You’ll just have to find out for yourself (or from reading this review) that you need to tap above Moony to get him to jump. If you land fabulously (probably right in the middle of a platform), you’ll be awarded fifty points, while an average landing will score you thirty points; and should you only just scrape through, you’ll earn ten points and an “Oops.” Although all this may seem simple and straightforward, qualifying this as a pick-up-and-play game, it isn’t easy to achieve high scores in Moony. You’ve got to judge each platform’s speed and direction of movement, and also factor in the time Moony will take to jump up and drop … hopefully onto the platform above. It gets especially challenging if the upper platform is directly above the one he’s currently sitting on, with both moving in tandem.

Moony does have excellent graphics. But while the crinkled paper background looks lovely, the game doesn’t offer enough to entice me into playing further. Never mind that it’s one of the hardest jumping games. While playing, I encountered a strange situation where Moony simply would not land on one particular platform. It was not bad timing on my part. I tried the same jump again and again until I ran out of lives, and each time, Moony fell right through the platform’s center. He should logically have landed, but he didn’t. This is hopefully a bug that will get fixed in a future update. Anyhow, for the game to be more fun, Moony needs to be able to jump more flexibly, such as diagonally up rather than just vertically up. Some power-ups would be welcome also, for otherwise, climbing can get awfully tiring.

If a platform sometimes moves past a red jewel, try to time your jump such that you can reach the jewel. But be careful not to lose your life in the process.

If you think you’ve got a couple of quarters to spare and are a diehard fan of all jumping games, you can check out Moony, which is currently available in the App Store for $0.99.


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