iTunes Version 9.0 Preview Concept

By on Aug 24, 2009 at 5:16 am

iTunes 9With the complexity of iTunes 8, you would think that managing music, applications and their data, playlists and more, would be an easy task. The layout of iTunes 8 is also old and needs a refresh similar to the iPhone. A user by the name of Pherplexed from Flickr is fixing all of that, with his concept of iTunes 9. Managing apps would be easier with the ability to reorganize your homescreens within iTunes using drag and drop techniques.

Drag and drop would allow a user to install or uninstall apps directly in iTunes, move apps around to different screens without having to do it via the iPhone with your finger over multiple pages, and add and remove new homescreens, all within one panel.

Syncing contacts would also be easier with a detailed menu, on/off sliders for settings and items, and more. The crew here at Appmodo are fans! What do you think?

iTunes 9

iTunes 9

iTunes 9


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  • MaverickVile

    Wow i only hope that something like this becomes reality, without needing to jailbreak. organizing apps using the iphone screen is terribly fiddly and time consuming.

  • Bethy

    pleas explane about apod