Star Wars: Battle for Hoth Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Jul 28, 2010 at 6:44 pm

Developed by FluffyLogic and THQ Wireless, Star Wars: Battle for Hoth is a brand new title from the popular movie franchise that is available for iPhones and iPod Touches everywhere. Star Wars: Battle for Hoth brings the well-known characters of the Star Wars world to the tower defense genre. You, the user, are tasked with stopping Imperial forces from penetrating the defenses of Echo Base. You will employ foot soldiers, turrets, and even X-Wings to stop the bad guys from getting across your board. If you like popular tower defense-style games, and you like Star Wars, then you’ll love Star Wars: Battle for Hoth.


From the moment you press the icon on your home screen, you are transported into the world of Star Wars. The “Lucasfilm Ltd” logo hits the screen, followed by that famed music we all know. When you start a new game, you are greeted with a movie clip from “The Empire Strikes Back” to bring you into the game.

The gameplay is much like that of TapDefense or Plants vs. Zombies. You are given control of a few defensive forces and a shovel for trench digging (so you can steer the Imperial army) and must destroy all of the bad guys before they make it across the board. Each of your defensive choices (infantry, tower turrets, snow speeders, and air forces) have their own set of pros and cons, so choose wisely!

I would have to ask that the graphics in this game are just ok. The different characters and elements in the game are definitely recognizable as Star Wars properties, but with the several “wow” games that have come to market this year, in terms of graphics, Battle for Hoth leaves a little to be desired.


1. Save your resources! You are given limited resources for which to build your trenches and defenses. The first few levels are easy, so don’t blow your wallet early.

2. Use the trenches to your advantage. Steering the Imperial forces in the way you want them to go is a huge advantage, and can end up allowing you to spend less resources on each level.


Like I mentioned before, if you like tower defense games, and you’re a Star Wars kinda guy (or lady), then you definitely love Star Wars: Battle for Hoth. At $2.99, this game is certainly priced competitively. Though the graphics are a little underwhelming, the overall package is enough to keep you going back for more.

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  • starwarscomic

    I'll have to make my friend with the iphone download it so I can play it!