Ankagua3D Puzzle Review and Tips

By on Apr 30, 2009 at 6:13 am

Ankagua3DDeveloped by StormBASIC Games, Ankagua3D is a three dimensional “Sokoban” style puzzle game that includes 40 levels of Ankagua where you must help the main character escape the lost ruins he fell into in the opening scene. If you are a fan of Sokoban, Blocked or Naboko, you’ll really become a fan of this game.


Ankagua3D is a three dimensional puzzle game with awesome graphics and zero pixelation. The animations throughout the game are also super smooth including the interactivity with your targets (the green boxes). The game features 40 puzzles of Ankagua which can be fairly challenging at times but no worse than some levels from Catcha Mouse. StormBASIC added in an “undo” function which came in handy when I played and trapped myself and allows you to back up 5 actions. The game is also not timed.

There is a “zoom in” and “zoom out” feature but I preferred the “zoomed out” view so I could see the whole level at once.  The sound track is relaxing, inspiring, and reflects the iPhone’s silence all button (the intro movie however does not reflect the silence all button). To control the main character you must use a touch & swipe pad system which is easy to use and reacts accurately. The controls are easy to see in a darker environment but are really dim in a fully lighted room (maybe their transparency can be changed in the future?). I did experience a glitch in the game where you can sometimes walk through boxes immediately after pushing them. It was helpful in situations where I did not have to walk all the way around when other objects were in the way, but I did get trapped a few times forcing me to use the undo function.

Overall, Ankagua3D is an awesome puzzle game that leaves me begging for more. The easy and intuitive touch screen control combined with excellent three dimensional graphics make the game even more of a plus.


1. Undo is your friend. If you happened to get stuck, moved to the wrong spot, or are completely going in the wrong direction, use the “undo” arrow feature in the game. Remember you can only go back 5 steps.

2. Plan your attack. Plot your arrangement of boxes before you begin moving them around. Sometimes you can get a box stuck by performing the wrong move and will either have to undo your last action or start the level over completely.


I recommend this game for all ages and for anyone who are hardcore sokoban gamers or are into puzzle style games. Ankagua3D game sells for $0.99 and is available through the app store right now.


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