Bluelounge CableDrop Product Review

By on Jul 9, 2009 at 8:12 am

CableDropEvery month a new smartphone or gadget hits the market and when they do, you can always expect plenty of wires associated with them. Endless amounts of USB cables and power cables! Of course all of these wires can become tangled (we’re all familiar with the nightmare behind computer desks) and can create clutter where space is needed most. To make wire management easier, Bluelounge Design created the CableDrop, which are multi-purpose cable clips for anywhere use.


One of the largest benefits of using CableDrops is that they are small enough to fit anywhere from behind a desk, on a table edge, a table leg, or on a wall…the possibilities are endless. Inserting cables into the CableDrop is very easy and just takes some slight prying open. The CableDrop prevents your cables from falling to the ground each time you disconnect your iPhone, iPod or other device which can be aggravating if you constantly sync your data.

CableDrops are available in both bright and muted colors and are sold in packs of six. The muted colors are a good alternative for those who want to match the color of their furniture and avoid having a bright green blob on the leg of their table.

Installation is extremely simple with a peel and stick backing to the CableDrop. The only downside is there are not any other extra adhesive backings that come with each pack, so if you decide to change your mind in the future you’ll have to hope it sticks again or find an alternative method.

Each pack of CableDrops includes six clips and sells for $9.95. For more information visit


I recommend CableDrops to anyone who want to clean up their mess of wires or want to keep their wires in place without letting them drop to the floor.


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  • Mike S

    I would prefer the Laptop Smart Feet from They combine a riser and cable organizer all in one.

  • CableDrops are available in both bright and muted colors and are sold in packs of six.