Paper Toss Review for iPhone and iPod Touch

By on Jun 26, 2009 at 6:00 pm

Featured in the top 5 free applications in the App Store, Paper Toss by Backflip Studios has been a smash hit across the iPhone and iPod Touch nation. A game anyone who has ever spent time in an office building will recognize, Paper Toss delivers on the simple, fun, and surprisingly challenging enjoyment one can receive from trying to flick a paper ball into a bin.


Gameplay for Paper Toss is simple and direct. The setting is an office, cubicles and all. There is a fan and a waste paper basket set at different distances, depending on difficulty. The fan blows either left or right at varying wind speeds. Judging by the wind, you must angle the paper ball to fly in a successful arc right in to the basic. Sounds easy right? You would be surprised! Paper Toss delivers a great challenge to those who think they have mastered the daily paper toss around the office.

The reason I like Paper Toss as much as I do is because for its simplicity, I still find it keeps my interest for long periods of time. No matter how many times I may miss a shot, I always come back to try and beat my high score. Paper Toss is one of those games that doesn’t need a lot of thought and strategizing. Just flick and hope for the basket!

Audio for the game is great. It has all the ambient noise you would expect to hear from a bustling office. Phones ringing, papers rustling, computers being used, printers spewing page after page of TPS reports. All these sounds add to the ambiance of the game.

The graphics for Paper Toss are decent, and you definitely feel like you are wedged in a cubicle playing a game. The menu options are creatively thrown into the game environment while helps keep and cluttering top or bottom menus out of the way.

While this game is a great little package as is, there are always things that can be improved. After you get the hang of the shots, the game does get easier. Even on the Hard setting, I was able to pick up a decent technique for banking many shots in a row. And while Paper Toss does record your best score for your records, it would be great to have a World Score, so you can see how you rank up against other paper tossers. And to make things interesting, it would be great to have obstacles that go back and forth once and a while. Like a pesky boss that runs too and fro or that annoying Bill from accounting.

Overall, Paper Toss is a great game for those situations where you have a few minutes to burn and want a game that is entertaining without a lot of strategy or complicated controls. Paper Toss is a great “filler” game that is only complimented by its great price: free!


1. For a fun little prank, go ahead and angle the shot to the complete left or right. If it travels far enough, you might hear a surprised coworker!

2. Slow and steady wins the race. You will get the same flicking power whether you use a fast or slow finger stroke. For a more accurate shot, take it slow.


I would recommend Paper Toss to anyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch, and a minute to spare.


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  • DREW S.

    Fun game its a must have

  • blaze

    I got 102 on it on easy.

  • DWC

    402 on easy

  • chad conyers

    1,204 on easy. 30 on hard ;)

  • Zanesegalas

    1000000000000000000000000000000000000 on hard

  • Ali 22775446

    10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 into the small cup in cubicle in paper toss 2