How To Turn On The iPhone Battery Meter

By on Jun 25, 2009 at 9:47 pm

battery meter iphone 3gsYou may have seen the new battery meter on screen shots of the iPhone recently, and wonder how you enable it because it’s not under Settings > General like you would expect it to be.  Well, it’s buried a little bit further than that, and it only works with the iPhone 3.0 software on 3G S (not 3G).

Just navigate to Settings > General, but then tap “Usage”.  You’ll find the ON | OFF slider right there at the top!

This is something I’ve always wanted on the iPhone, and was only previously available on jailbroken phones.

The other benefit is that when your phone is charging, the battery icon changes to a full battery with a lightning bolt through it.  There’s no way to know how full your battery is without disconnecting it to see the battery, then reconnecting it.  Now, even while charging, you can see the percentage!

Again, this is only available to the latest 3.0 software and the latest hardware (3G S) from Apple.


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