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best iso mounter for windows

10 Best ISO Mounter for Windows 7, 8, 10

Generally, CDs and DVDs need backup. Image creation is one of the best ways this can be achieved. The images son created are often...
Tumblr Alternatives

10 Best Tumblr Alternatives

What Is Tumblr? Tumblr is a social media platform created in 2007 by David Karp, which stemmed from Yahoo Inc. and was later sold to...


android launcher

10 Best Android Launcher Apps for Better Appearance in 2019

It’s that time of the year where we start searching for the best Android launcher, in 2018 we saw many amazing launchers available for...
Health Tracking Apps

Top 5 Health Tracking Apps

Plenty of modern techs and gadgets serve the benefit of humanity. Some mobile apps are developed to take care of our health and to...
App Security Features

3 App Security Features: Penetration Testing & More

Security is a serious concern throughout the tech world, and nowhere more so than in the mobile app ecosystem. The threat of compromised content...
Video Editing Apps

6 Video Editing Apps Retailers Can Use With Instagram

The right video editor can spruce up your Instagram video marketing campaign/efforts for your retail or ecommerce business which can bring you beneficial results...


12 Best Portable Tech Gadgets You Should Have

Best Portable Tech Gadgets
1- iClever Bluetooth Keyboard- $36.99 This keyboard is the archetypal example of the perfect Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. It features a casing made out of aircraft-grade aluminum...


CLINK!Gift App Review

gift online
In this busy world sometimes we don’t have time to spend with our friends and loved ones on their special occasion such as birthdays,...

Calendar Scope: The App that keeps you Alert

calendar app
Are you looking for an app that provides more than what most calendar applications provide? Well, look no further than Calendar Scope: The new...

CallHound App: to serve and to protect you’re incoming

Anyone who has a cell phone or any global-network-connected device is facing such an ambiguous thing as spam. As a matter of fact, spam...

Spotify Premium APK 8.4 – Updated April 2019 (No Root)

spotify premium apk free
Are you finding an application where you could find favorite soundtracks? Well, being a music lover I need to introduce with new Spotify Premium...


App Killer Android

7 Best App Killer Android – Task Killer for Boosting Mobile Speed

Have you noticed your brand new phone suddenly becomes slow and your apps get shut down for no reason? Independently of the phone you have, they all consume your RAM 24/7 and you may need an app killer Android. Each Android generation is better than...
Best Android Emulators

12 Best Android Emulator for PC Windows & MAC

The Android operating system has millions of apps with more being added every day. Many of these apps are not available to PC and MAC users who do not also own an Android compatible device. If you want to access this growing wealth of applications...
Volume Booster

10 Best Volume Boosters For Android

Compared to the past or the onset of gadgets and phones, the built-in speakers of devices have been tremendously built upon and improved drastically. However, there is still the need for users to have a higher volume booster on these devices. Users of phones such...