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7 Best Privacy Extensions for Google Chrome

Sometimes when we install our browser, we need certain modifications but how can we do that? we are not backend developers. Right? Then how...
the pirate bay torrent

20 Best Pirate Bay Alternatives in 2019

Over the years we've seen several torrent sites come and go; while some come back bigger and better, a few others don't quite make...


face swap

10 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and IOS

If you are a social media addict or use it more often, then you must have come across images of people with the exchanged...

Longest Snapchat Streak for 2019

Finding or even being a part of the longest Snapchat streak is not always going to be easy. But since Snapchat is such a...
Weather API

Add a Weather API, Mapping Solution into Your App

There are many ways that including weather into your app or SaaS enhances the experience for the user. Whether it’s a company app used...
creative mobile apps

Creativity on the Go – 9 Best Apps for Mobile Creative

Creative types are always on the move. Hurrying from client to client, rushing to meet deadlines, and finding our creative inspiration at the oddest...


12 Best Portable Tech Gadgets You Should Have

Best Portable Tech Gadgets
1- iClever Bluetooth Keyboard- $36.99 This keyboard is the archetypal example of the perfect Bluetooth-enabled keyboard. It features a casing made out of aircraft-grade aluminum...


Spotify Premium APK Latest Update May 2019

spotify premium apk free
Are you finding an application where you could find favorite soundtracks? Well, being a music lover I need to introduce with new Spotify Premium...

CallHound App: to serve and to protect you’re incoming

Anyone who has a cell phone or any global-network-connected device is facing such an ambiguous thing as spam. As a matter of fact, spam...

Introducing Tunnelbear Android and iOS Apps

These days you might feel a strict need to protect your device data from getting leaked that might cause harm to you. In such...

May Day – Public Safety App for iOS Users: Review

May Day
May Day is a FREE iOS app that aims to keep its users safe anytime, everywhere. The vision behind May Day is to fight...


app risk

What Risks Do Pre-Installed Android Apps Pose?

Pre-installed apps on Android devices usually offer great convenience. Not having to download any news, weather, music, or video apps can save users’ time, as well as money on occasion. Many users believe their new devices to be secure, as they should be. However, some...
Best Android Emulators

12 Best Android Emulator for PC Windows & MAC

The Android operating system has millions of apps with more being added every day. Many of these apps are not available to PC and MAC users who do not also own an Android compatible device. If you want to access this growing wealth of applications...
sms spy

Hidden SMS Tracker on Android Helps Parents

If you are a parent, you might have a tough time keeping track of your teenager child. Most of the times, your teenagers don’t speak about their life, and you, as a parent worry about it. However, there’s an easier way to solve this....