Why is mobile betting going to be the future of this industry?

Despite the fact that many people still prefer to bet from their desktops, the number of mobile punters from all over the world has risen a lot in the last couple of years. Of course, the main reason for that is the fact that there are many smart devices available. As a result, most people out there either have a smartphone, a tablet, or both.

While it’s true that not all of them like betting online, once people who’re into this discover how convenient it is to be able to play whenever and wherever you want, desktop betting will remain a thing in the past.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of playing from your phone or tablet?

mobile betting is the future

Even though the convenience is definitely there, not everything about mobile betting is all that great. One of the biggest issues that people haven’t figure a way of fixing is the smaller screen size. Although this might not be a problem for some mobile bettors, there are many players out there that continue to bet from their desktops just because they can see things better on the bigger screen.

Sure, there are devices that have pretty big displays, but they still can’t compete with a regular monitor. Perhaps this will change once the holograms become more accessible as a tech feature.

Another thing that is worth pointing out is the situation with the bonuses. In many cases, some of the offers that are available on the desktop site are nowhere to be found on mobile. This can be very frustrating, especially when you expect it to be there. Of course, this is not something that is true for every single betting website out there. For example, some of the biggest names in this industry, such as the William Hill app by Nostrabet, offer tons of promotions that can be unveiled both on the desktop site and mobile app without having to make compromises.

Lastly, another big problem that needs to be addressed at some point in the future is mobile data. Unfortunately, we’re currently living in a world where our mobile devices don’t have unlimited mobile data unless they’re connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Although this might not seem a problem at first, mobile betting applications have the tendency to quickly eating your data, especially if you’re playing on certain things, such as a Live Casino, for example.

Mobile app or mobile website

Pretty much all big bookmakers nowadays have a mobile application. However, in order to attract as many customers as possible, some of them also have a mobile website. As a result, some people might get confused as to what is the better one to use if they want to get the best possible experience.

The shortest answer to this questions is that both of them are good. In fact, there isn’t really any significant difference other than the fact that you have to download a file and then install it. Sure, there might be some brands out there that offer different things in their betting app and mobile website. However, the vast majority of big companies like William Hill offer the same services.

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