10 Legal Sites to Watch Cartoons Online

We are all avid fans of cartoons regardless of age, sex and wants. We all crave that daily dose of funny and silly cartoons as a child. We grew up watching them until some of the shows have reached their end. As adults, we would like to share those memorable cartoons with our children and future grandchildren. The big influences that cartoons can give to us are the lessons that it gives, the entertainment and divert from the real world. As technological advancement continues, you are now able to watch these shows in selected online sites on the internet and applications. There is still a way for you to watch your favorite cartoons through diving into the online world. The question is, what are the legal sites to watch cartoons? Have no fear because I am here to showcase you the 10 best legal online sites to watch those classic cartoons that you and your child are cravings.

1. Netflix

netflix This is the top pick to watch your all-time favorite cartoons. Netflix is an application that allows you to stream any movies, televisions shows, documentaries, and even cartoons. Netflix lets you enjoy shows without any distractions or disruptions such as advertisement or commercial. And there’s always something to look after for because Netflix offers you more and new shows. If you want to try Netflix first, you can avail their 30 day trial for free. Now if you have made up your mind to be a member of Netflix you can then now continue by paying a certain affordable price. Your Netflix membership begins the time you pay, and the payment is every month. You don’t have to worry about contracts because you can cancel your membership online anywhere and anytime. Netflix is a reliable content hub as you can jump from one cartoon to another. They have three options for membership either you can go basic for only $7.99 per month, or standard for only $10.99 per month or you can enjoy the full benefits by going premium for $13.99 per month only.

2. Amazon Prime

amazon prime Another contender an application where you can watch all your favorite shows as they have this vast collection of shows that you can watch to your heart’s content. You can purchase all the movie or shows that Amazon has to offer. You can even rewind back to those cartoons that you have been wanting to watch. All those 90’s classic cartoons, now you can enjoy being a kid again together with your children. Like Netflix, Amazon also offers a 30-day trial to sneak a peek into their shows. Now, if you decided to pursue Amazon Prime, you will be paying membership of $12.99 per month to enjoy all those movies. But the benefits are not yet done, as you avail the membership you may also enjoy music streaming, e-books, Prime shipping, cloud storage and many more.

3. Hulu

hulu It is hard when there is no cable right? Hulu is here for you. You can watch all those cartoons that you are craving for. Hulu offers new episodes of your favorite shows even after instant airing. The difference between Hulu and other sites is that in other sites you have to wait for days to watch an episode after it is aired but not with Hulu will show the latest episode of your favorite show after immediate airing. Now Hulu also has three modes of subscription; the first one is the basic plan where you will be paying $5.99 per month, or you can avail the plan with no commercial for only $11.99 per month. But If you want that similar vibe with a cable then go full on and sign up for Hulu Live for $44.99 per month. There are no more waits for you to watch the latest episode in Hulu Live and you have this repertoire of TV shows you browse on.

4. Boomerang

watch cartoons online If you are an avid fan of those old but Gold cartoon shows, then you have to go with the boomerang. Boomerang started as a channel of cartoons for people to watch years ago. As time progresses, they also progressed and inserted more programs increasing their collection of modern and classic cartoon shows. Through the use of boomerang, you will be enjoying all those classic shows from the classic Looney tunes to Johnny Bravo, and you can enjoy them for only $4.99 month.

5. Crunchyroll

cartoons online If you are an anime fan, then the site for you is Crunchyroll. Being an anime addict at heart, you can enjoy all things anime on this site. Those anime that are aired by Japan can also be viewed in Crunchyroll. Get that latest episode of your favorite anime and never be late in streaming. They use the original, so you still that Japanese vibe but don’t worry because they have subtitles. If you made up your mind and want to sign up, immediately go to their website and enjoy their 14-day trial. After enjoying the free trial, you can either choose from their manner of payments: $6.95 for one month, $19.95 for three months or $59.95 for twelve months.

6. FunimationNow

legal cartoon site Another site for anime lovers, the FunimationNow gives you countless anime shows that you can watch to your heart’s content. If you are not a fan of anime with subtitles, then FunimationNow is the one for you. They are the leading site to produce anime to be dubbed in English and other western languages. All the classic and modern anime that you want to watch but are dubbed, you can get them here in FunimationNow. Enjoy their 14 day trial period, and after all the thrill of anime for free you can sign up for only $5.99 per month.

7. DC Universe

dc universe If you are a passionate fan of superheroes, then you are in luck as DC universe also introduced their own streaming service. For all the DC addicts this is your paradise, everything about DC comic superheroes is here. Get yourself a daily dose of crime-fighting action featuring your favorite superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder woman and many more. You can even enjoy the classic cartoons that existed before you were even born. You can avail their 7-day trial and check out the bliss of DC Universe. But if you are hooked then avail their $7.99 per month or the $74.99 option where you will be enjoying cartoons for one whole year.

8. Disney+

disnep Cheers to the kids and the kids at heart, Disney also launched their own streaming device for you to watch all those classic Disney cartoons. This is must for all Disney fans that are cartoon lovers. Enjoy the magic world of Disney again then Disney+ is for you not only that they also offer live action films. Enjoy the all-time classic original movies that you wished to watch with your kids.

9. ToonJet

toonjet One of the leading websites in showing your favorite cartoons and anime free of charge. Enjoy the feeling of modern and classic cartoons that you have watched since you still were a child. ToonJet offers membership for free for all age. You can just type the show or the series that you want to watch and ToonJet would do the rest. All you have to is to sit back, relax and enjoy free streaming of your favorite cartoons in ToonJet.

10. Youtube

youtube The most reliable and trusted website and application to bring you all of your favorite shows. To the range of modern and classic cartoon shows you can stream them all for free using Youtube. What’s best is, it is free of charge. All you need is the title of your cartoon or anime series and a stable internet connection to enjoy all the shows non-stop. It will even allow you to save and download all those cartoons and anime to your heart’s content. It can even suggest you cartoons that are similar to the one you are watching. You can even watch it anywhere and anytime provided that you have internet access or source.


Here are the 10 best online sites that you can go to or sign up to watch all those cartoons that you have been craving to watch. They offer several modes of membership so you can enjoy the benefit of watching the show you want for a month or even a year. You don’t have to worry because all these stated sites or applications are all legal and are permitted to run. Some of them will give you free trials for you to sneak peek some of the benefits that they are offering. And if the site has caught your attention, you can continue by availing their basic or premium mode for watching. You can enjoy shows and movies without distractions such as commercials. You’ll be saying hello to those smooth classic or modern shows that you are longing to watch since childhood. For the enjoyment of kids, teenagers and even adults. Watch cartoons through this site and enjoy!

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