6 Video Editing Apps Retailers Can Use With Instagram

The right video editor can spruce up your Instagram video marketing campaign/efforts for your retail or ecommerce business which can bring you beneficial results like better customer engagement, conversion, social shares and returns on investment, among others. These free video editors can create great content for the Instagram story, Instagram videos and even Instagram TV (IGTV). There are several other free video editing software you can use to create amazing video content for Facebook Ads, YouTube, and other video based platforms. In this post, we shall highlight 6 video editing apps that you can use for your online store’s Instagram marketing campaign but first

What is a Video Editor?

There are video editing software and video editing apps. A video editor is basically any app or software that allows you to create or edit videos to your taste. In this wise a video editing app allows you to create or edit videos on your phone, tablet or PC whereas a mobile video editing app works strictly on phones and tablets. The video editors covered in this article work well with Instagram. Perhaps you’re wondering

Why Instagram?

With over 1 billion monthly active users posting millions of photos, videos and comments daily and over 2 million business profiles, Instagram is one social network you can’t afford to ignore. It is second only to Facebook. And,

Why Video?

A recent report announced that more video content has been uploaded to the web in the last 30 days than the last 30 years of TV content combined. Further studies reveal that over 90% of online shoppers base purchase decisions on videos plus videos have been proven to boost engagement, conversion and ROI. Following is a Google Trends chart juxtaposing Instagram and Video in the last couple of years. Google Trends of Instagram vs Instagram Instagram vs Instagram

Source: Google Trends

The chart above shows how important Instagram (blue) and video (red) have been to searchers over the years. The next question becomes

How Do I Create Great Looking Instagram Videos for My Online Store?

Simple. One of the best ways is to use video editors, there are many free video editing software and apps out there as earlier mentioned.

6 Highly Recommended Video Editors or Apps for Instagram Videos for Retailers

1. Splice

From the makers of GoPro comes Splice, one of the best mobile video editors out there. It sports a simple UI which is great for UX and is pretty easy to learn. With just a few taps you can tap into the powers of this simple but splendid video editor which allows you edit, cut, add sounds and transitions. The built-in library contains royalty free sounds you can use to create great looking videos for your Instagram marketing campaign. However, this brilliant video editor currently works only on iOS.

2. Quik

Quik is another top video editor you can quickly employ for your next Instagram video. From the makers of Splice comes Quik which is somewhat similar in form and function to Splice. Quik can automatically trim and edit videos using pre-set values as well as identify special moments and add transitions. Thankfully, it still allows you manually edit your videos if you so wish. Unlike Splice, Quik is a cross-platform video editor that works on both Android and iOS.

3. Magisto

Magisto is a widely used and well loved mobile video editor. You can add photos, video or audio, and Magisto will automatically optimize them for broadcast. Magisto is an AI driven video editor that produces professional looking videos. Once you supply the raw materials, it goes to work and does the rest for you while you rest. This video editor is great when in need of speed and is available on both Android and iOS.

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe needs little introduction, they’re the makers/owners of Acrobat Reader, Photoshop, Illustrator and several award-winning multimedia and creativity software suites. This video editing app has two modes, freeform and automatic. With freeform, you perform the edit functions yourself while the video editor handles the editing process for you in the automatic mode. As with the foregoing video editors, you can add your own sounds or import from the library and add sundry transitions as you see fit. It blends well into Adobe Premiere Pro and is available on both Android and iOS.

5. Boomerang

Our list of top video editors for Instagram may be incomplete without mentioning Boomerang. This video editing app was created by none other than Instagram. It therefore goes without saying that this editor is great for Instagram and is a necessary addition to your list of must-have video editors for mobile especially given the fact that it works with Android and iOS. This simple to use app hits you as a cool tool in the sense that it can convert your photos into mini-videos. If you shoot a burst of up to ten photos, this video editor will convert it into a mini-video. And you can post it right away on Instagram.

6. Hyperlapse

This video editor is only available on iOS. Hyperlapse specializes in creating time-lapse videos which can be great for creating product videos for your retail or online store. Hyperlapse was reportedly created by Instagram hence integrates perfectly with the platform. You can also use it to create videos showing how things are made. With it you can condense a 50-minute how-to video into a shorter version. With Hyperlapse you may not need tripods as it features advanced stabilization technology which eliminates the need for external balancing.


This is only a list of 6 solid video editors you can use for your Instagram campaigns for your retail business, and as such is non-exhaustive. There are many more out there. As you make your pick and make your videos you’ll find which video editors work best for you and your business. Do use the comment section to let us know which video editor works for or has worked for you.

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