Top 5 Health Tracking Apps

Plenty of modern techs and gadgets serve the benefit of humanity. Some mobile apps are developed to take care of our health and to help us stay strong and beautiful. They usually focus on one or several aspects: getting enough sleep, number of steps we’ve made during a day, diet, hydrating, workout, pressure and heart rate, etc. Let’s see some leaders at this market like FindReviews for medical alerts and read health gadget reviews on GoodBuyToday.


MFT allows tracking your daily beverage intake, the number of calories, vitamins, and nutrients. It alerts about overeating or malnutrition, so it permits to analyze the results making corrections and improvements in your daily ration. The built-in Recipe Importer indicates the nutrition information about any recipe you add. Moreover, the app owns its blog with a variety of recipes, tips, and other valid information to make your healthy lifestyle easy and even entertaining. There is a community section in the app to find and follow a friend for motivation and inspiration. The app is free and is not crawling with ads.

Sleep Cycle

This app monitors your movements while you’re sleeping to define the time and quality of your night rest. Sleep Cycle takes into consideration the peculiarities of REM and light sleep. Then it wakes you up for the day at the most appropriate time. The app’s interface includes the instructions for all necessary information. On the Statistics page, one can see the hypnogram and all the data related to your sleeping. The app allows sharing the statistics on social media and introduces comparison charts of the various countries’ sleeping qualities. It contains information about moon or pressure influences that can affect your sleeping.


The app helps track diet habits and define their usefulness. It can not only calculate calories but also displays diet trends in order to inspire you for better food management. To give to Fooducate the opportunity to set the best diet goal for you, it is required to input your weight, sex, age, and other basic parameters. The app is able to scan UPC codes to indicate a certain product’s nutritional specs. Besides, you can see the diagram in the app that shows the changes in the everyday number of calories and the total results.


The app is developed for meditations and helps the beginners to start and to maintain a habit. It includes a course with short meditations for special moments, as well as the exercises to do when you are at work, in the office, or somewhere else outside your home. The app is remarkable for its well-structured library to find any kind of meditation in a minute. The meditations are easy to remember and repeat due to the illustrations. The app is paid, but it offers 10-day free trial.


This app is designed as a household doctor to give you several levels of medical tips and recommendations. Its library contains expert articles relating to most common health issues, semiology, and ways of treating. Besides, you get access to the pieces of advice of more than 100 000 medical practitioners from many health disciplines that provide more true and accurate answers than those you could find in Google. You can find doctors’ profiles and their patients’ reviews to choose the most trustworthy specialist. The app also offers the action checklist to let you take care of your health more effectively. When downloading and subscribing HealthTap, one can order any of three levels of help – article/advice, phone, or video consultation. Also Read Legit Apps You Can Use To Earn Cash Online

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