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Finding the latest anime and cartoon episodes is always challenging, and that’s why you really need to figure out what website can help you with that. Watchcartoononline apk by ToonGet is one of the better options in this regard. With, you will have no problem accessing all those amazing animes and cartoons that you always wanted.

Why is ToonGet very popular?

Maybe the reason why ToonGet has gained so much popularity is that it always updates itself with the latest episodes. The website always pushes the boundaries when it comes to adding in the latest content. toonget   They have dubbed anime, cartoons, full movies, popular series, daily episodes and so on. The search system is great, you can find whatever you want on the site, provided that it’s there. And they also have a popular show list on the side. So even if you want to check out something new that’s also super popular, you can do that within 2-3 clicks which is nice.


Most of the site uses Flash to power its episodes. That can be a bit tricky, HTML5 would definitely be better. Hopefully, they will make the shift towards that a bit later. But the thing to consider here is that you will end up with some performance issues especially if you have multiple tabs in your browser. We recommend you to use a single tab or two in the browser where you watch ToonGet.

Mobile app

WatchCartoonOnline apk ToonGet can be used on Android using this app, and that’s where you get a much better experience, to be honest. But if you want to watch on the larger screen on the desktop, you can totally do that as well. It’s great that you have multiple options here because you can easily pick the one that suits your needs the most and you will be fine in the end.


The video quality is great. Considering that the site is offered free of charge and you’re not paying anything, the sheer fact that you have all these episodes uploaded often really comes in handy. For a lot of people, this is the ultimate place to access the content they enjoy, and honestly, it really is an amazing experience that you do not want to miss.

Ease of use

While the website doesn’t have the best category system, the fact that you do have multiple options at the upper part of the screen does help you choose the main categories fast. You can also check on the stuff that was just updated, so you really get an experience that’s pretty enjoyable for what it is. That’s why you should totally check it out, and the experience on its own can pay off big time. Overall, WatchCartoonOnline apk ToonGet is a great website for those who like anime and cartoons in general. Yes, some videos take a bit of time to load, so you need a proper internet connection. But if you get past that you will find that ToonGet works really well and you will enjoy using it quite a bit!

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