The Future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence includes systems that behave rationally and intelligently, a group of particular applications that utilize techniques in Machine and Deep learning together with models of human thought and behavior. In the article, impressive advancements have been made in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language and when both are used together, they have come up with systems that are able to perform tasks on their own. Artificial Intelligence is a field of Computer Science that analyses the many ways humans can infuse intelligence on software components thereby making it imitate a human being’s action and reaction. Artificial Intelligence looks to instill all topics in relation to Machine learning like Coordination and Communication between agents, the study of agents and Multi-Agent systems. Machine Language is a discipline that takes into account how to programme machines to learn in numerous ways. The process is achieved by some training or by solely learning to study the build-up of a data set or it could be learning by way of reward and punishment mechanisms. ML is the trending topic currently on Artificial Intelligence. The foremost and most renowned approach in Machine Language is called Supervised Learning. Concerning Supervised learning, begin with a dataset utilized in the training phase to coach and accommodate some structure to the dataset. When the structure has been adjusted to the dataset, new examples of the similar data type set are put forward to the structure for prediction. The second phase is called the prediction phase. Once the structure correctly predicts data in the dataset, it is able to prognosticate all incoming examples with a certain measure of success. Decision Trees, Neural Networks and Vector Machines are typical examples of Supervised Learning Structures. Unsupervised learning is another method of Machine Language. In Unsupervised Learning, an algorithm is given a dataset. When the algorithm applies a certain Unsupervised Learning technique, it is able to pick up the structure of the dataset. Acquiring the structure of the dataset entails learning features and patterns from the same dataset. A definitive difficulty of Computer Science recognized as Clustering is a long-familiar example of Unsupervised Learning technique which has applications in the domain of Business, Astronomy, Psychology and many other areas. Clustering is a very significant technique in data mining and it can be able to identify or disclose frauds especially those committed in the insurance field. Clustering aims at dividing a set of n objects into k classes with a certain formula to ensure that objects of an identical class are the same in all aspects while objects of a dissimilar class are dissimilar in all ways possible. For example, if n books are present, and we wish to divide them using “color” as criteria, there would be classes ‘green’, ‘yellow’ each with books with the color identified by their class. Reinforcement learning is the final approach considered by numerous scientists as the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. In this last advance, the goal is to imitate as closely as possible the way humans learn by making machines learn lessons on ‘reward’ and ’punishment’  and over time. The implementation of the Reinforcement Learning paradigm in Artificial Intelligence has gained huge success. In many occasions, it has defeated the World Champion of a number of games for which they were engineered. That is an achievement no other Artificial Intelligence had accomplished before them. Reinforced Learning relates to Dynamic Programming and Markov Decision Processes. It is also looked at as the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning since it is able to learn over time and learn actions in relation to reward and punishment and on its own, it can stand for marvelous learning model that can be incorporated into machines. With the use of Reinforced Learning in the future, machines will be able to cook, learn how to love or drive. The possibilities of the outcomes are general. On the basis of current technology trends and the progression of Machine Language, Machine Language will be built-in in all small and large Artificial Intelligence systems. In most business applications, Machine Learning has gained momentum showing a likelihood of this technology being used as a cloud-based service called Machine Learning-as-a-service (MLaaS). In the near future, associated Artificial Intelligence systems will support Machine Language to “continuously learn” newly emerging data on the internet. Soon, a rush will emerge among hardware vendors for enhancement of CPU power to take in Machine Language data processing. Hardware vendors will definitely redesign their machines to enhance the powers of Machine Language. In addition, quantum computing will improve the speed of executing high dimensional Machine Language algorithms in vector processing. This is the next planned step in Machine Language research. Advancing unsupervised Machine Language algorithms is expected to bring about higher business outcomes. Machines will be guided to make better sense of the setting and meaning of data through the use of Machine Learning. Using a variety of technological strategies to accomplish improved learning is a practice in Machine Language that is underway. Machine Language enabled services in the future will be more precise and relevant. For instance, future recommendation engines will be relevant and closer to a person’s preferences and taste. In the article, it is evident that global software vendors will be after Artificial intelligence and as predicted, in 2020, it will be in the top five investment priorities for an estimated 30 percent Chief Information Officers. Associated technologies and Artificial intelligence will be widespread in many industries, software packages and part of our lives by 2020. It is unfortunate that most organizations have not acquired skilled staff to embrace Artificial Intelligence.

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