Finding an application where you could find all your favorite soundtracks? Well, being a music lover I need to introduce with all new Spotify Premium Apk for free downloading and live streaming all for free in its latest update released on 14 of September 2018.

This is an Android app that wouldn’t trouble you with root requirement for installation purposes on the Android phone.

What is Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify Premium ApkSpotify is an internet music streaming service that provides premium music. It provides you with a free unlimited access to the music from the entire world with no advertisements. Now you don’t have to surf on YouTube or other apps for listening to favorite music. You can get it all in Spotify Premium.

This entails all the world-renowned artists and their albums. You can also make your own playlist by simply adding your favorite songs to it.

You can even grab a ready-made playlist that is either made by other people or you can make it personalized.  This provides its unlimited services to android phones or tablets.

You can play any song at any time that suits your mood. Spotify application ensures the music in its fine quality. It also offers a premium package where it provides further best services that are not available in free version.

What Spotify Premium Mods in it?

This application shares the same working features as Google music applications do. We just have to choose the right category or playlist. But Spotify is not as simple as it looks like. It employs material styling. Each category is entitled with a proper title that explains well about what it entails.

Spotify Premium – 12 Month

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Important Features of Spotify Premium APK

Name of the applicationSpotify
Android retirementv.
Android Version4.0.3+
Total downloads till nowMore than 10,000,000
Size of the app37.8 MB
Root /or notNo requirement of root
  • Free For Android and Tablets

Spotify Premium APK is providing their valued customers with free streaming for both Android and tablet users.  Its installation is now no more a problem for any software. Everybody can enjoy its unlimited services.

  • An Uninterrupted Service

Our application is designed by professionals who have eliminated all the inconvenience related to the bugs or advertisement.  Now people who love music can enjoy music without any add interruption.

  • No commitment

Spotify Premium values the user’s satisfaction. If any user isn’t satisfied with the services, he or she can easily quit.

  • Amazing sound quality

Spotify offers a fine quality music to its users. The music avoids any bugs and low-quality issues.

  • Free Downloading

You are troubled with downloading of good quality music? Well, don’t you worry. We are here to announce you that our Premium Spotify APK offers free downloading of music from all over the world.

You can get a flood of music here that can quench your thirst for a good music.  You can now download your music on your androids to enjoy offline music.

  • Personalized Recommendation

Here you get songs from all over the world. You can play whatever you like and enjoy other people’s playlist.  You can even customize your own playlist so that you can easily access the songs most preferred by you and skip the song you don’t like.

  • Unlimited Access

There are various applications on play stores which provide us with unlimited music. But they provide their services at a certain region of the world. But Spotify Premium APK provides its assistance all over the world. You just have to log in through an account and then you can listen to any music anytime and anywhere.

  • On-Demand Streaming Service

This app provides you with on-demand features. This feature entails that you can play music on your demand. You just have to type the name of the track and there you got it. It also provides you with a feature of customization of your playlist according to your choice.

  • Offline saving

Offline saving is another prominent feature of Spotify Premium App. You can enjoy the services on the offline mode by simply adding it to offline list so that you can play that song when the internet is not available.

  • Visual adds blockage

This application ensures that you wouldn’t get interrupted while live streaming.  You wouldn’t get any visual advertisement while enjoying it.

  • Audio adds blockage

Similar to visual ads, it also blocks all sort of audio ads to ensure premium quality. It means you can enjoy the music without any hustle and bustle. That’s so cool! Right?

  • Unlimited shuffle

The Spotify Premium is not equipped with few tracks but instead, it is a flood of music from all over the world renowned artists to quench the thirst of music. You would have enough choice to shuffle.

spotify premium free

What’s new in it?

Spotify Premium has been recently updated to its latest version on 4-10-2018. We are constantly striving to add alterations and better developments to it. Try not to miss any update. This updating ensures optimum performance.

There would be various updates offered in the future. Please stay in touch with our website so that you couldn’t miss any update when provided.

How to Download and Use Spotify Premium APK

Spotify premium APK is the modified version that makes premium features completely free of cost. This application does not require any root requirement for its installation. All APKs available online work with the availability of root but our mod is the best among all.

Following steps should be followed while downloading Spotify premium APK at your androids and tablets:

Download Spotify APK

  1. Download Spotify Premium APK and install it on your android device.
  2. Remove the free version and replace it with premium APK offered by the app.
  3. Move its installation to your SD card instead of your device.
  4. After installation, an app icon of Spotify would appear on your home screens.
  5. Tap the app with a single click and there you go, you have received the premium APK.
  6. After opening you need to log in an account. If you’re a new user, you would need to sign up with a new mail. And if you are already a user, you just need to log in to enjoy music.

How Could You Get this Spotify Premium within your Country?

Spotify is yet functional in UK, Us and 60 more countries of the globe. If it isn’t available in your country, you can still get it using VPNs. We can help you download Spotify and use this app in unavailable countries.

Search and Download Hola VPN on Your Android Device

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  1. After installation, open it.
  2. You will see a below window of Spotify in its home screen.
  3. Click the Spotify icon and you will get a pop up on your screen.
  4. Access the location of your country you are living in.
  5. Now tap a click or open button.
  6. You will see that app has been opened in your desired country
  7. Enjoy.

We have provided with all the knowledge related to Spotify Premium APK. The people who have Spotify Premium APK would get an offline listing for only one week. We also provide you with the recent updates offered by it.

The updates upgrade your app’s overall performance. If you want to keep yourself updated about all the updates, you can join our official newsletter or can visit this page daily.

So, to enjoy its unlimited streaming and free services, you just need to download Spotify app in your gadgets. Create a login for it. Enjoy the blend of multiple artists from all over the globe all in one application.

If you want to get it in your country, you can follow the above-mentioned steps. We ensure that you wouldn’t have to suffer from any bugs or cache files while installing this. Share below your experience using this app in the comments section.

DISCLAIMER: We won’t be held responsible if Spotify suspends your account due to the usage of Spotify Premium app mod or Crack Version. All data and info provided here are strictly for educational purposes, and we are not responsible for how you decide to use the information provided.

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