Do you ever find yourself in situations where holding your iPad and shifting through notes or papers becomes cumbersome? Soon, there may be a solution for you in the form of Radiul Mobile. This is a project that is currently being funded on Kickstarter, that needs $14,000 backers to pledge by Friday, Aug. 17 in order to become a reality. It is an ultra-compact, and portable document holder. It is also designed to fit right into the iPad; although it works with many other electronics, such as notebooks. I had a chance to examine the document holder, so read on for the full review.


Radiul Mobile will allow you to work on print and digital media simultaneously without requiring you to turn your head to look away from your iPad’s display. is worth checking out — if it becomes a reality and the team behind it get funded — because of its compact size, compatibility with iPad and other devices, and because of how sturdy it is. You will be holding a print copyright above your iPad’s display while typing below it when using it.

Radiul Mobile will allow you to do this in tight spaces where you may not have room to place both paper and an iPad in front of you. An example of such a situation would be a small airplane desk. Another example of how Radiul Mobile can make your life easier is if you ever use your iPad on a chair without a desk and have to sit your iPad on your lap (or hold it in mid-air). Radiul Mobile takes the two media and blends them together for an efficient workflow.

There are other uses for Radiul that makes it an interesting product. If you are an artist, for instance, you may want to copy a previous sketch to make it digital. Radiul Mobile will allow you to do this because you can place the hard copy right above the screen and start drawing. Doing taxes, can be very beneficial as well using Radiul Mobile. However, all these things can also be done while holding the physical copies next to you.

What makes Radiul Mobile really stand out is the fact it will allow you to do this while saving space and not having to find other holders/desks for the hard copies. Though I have to add, that a separate version of Radiul, called Radiul Desktop, will be available along with Radiul Mobile that you can use away from your device and place it on a desk next to it — kind of pointless if you ask me unless you don’t want to get your paper dirty.

The copy holder is very flexible and can bend. It fits a wide range of surfaces and devices. Paper becomes rigid instead of flopping over when curved. This is why Radiul Mobile allows it to stay upright and in place while holding it from an iPad. It has a specialized design pattern for this.

The team behind the two versions of Radiul have announced on Kickstarter that they will be shipping Radiul Desktop soon and Radiul Mobile sometime in November, if the funding is thereby Aug. 17 that they need to go forward.


Radiul is recommended for anyone who finds themselves in tight spaces or using small desks. If you need to get a lot of important work done on a long plane ride, you should definitely check it out.


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