PUBG Mobile by Tencent Shut Down in China

PUBG Mobile is shutting down in China out of nowhere, at least for those that don’t really know what PUBG shut down is all about. Apparently, Tencent has dropped PUBG Mobile because they didn’t get a license from the government to acquire revenue from the game. But they did get a license for another game which is quite similar to PUBG Mobile, named Elite Force for Peace. This game has already received monetization features from the Chinese Communist party. This title obviously has a more patriotic approach, so it’s easy to see why it was approved and why we had a PUBG shut down in China. PUBG Mobile shut down PUBG Mobile has been a cult hit in the mobile world and there were around 70 million players there. Obviously, any game with such a large player base will be affected, so you can imagine this is not exactly a great thing for the title at all. It seems that they could have generated around $1.18 billion or even more. You can imagine that some cultural and political factors ended up with the PUBG shut down. It’s unfortunate because the local government is not fond of games that are very addictive and violent. They stated that it induces negative energy and they want to stay away from all that negativity as they try to bring in more results and higher quality experiences for everyone. The PUBG shut down in China won’t really affect the players because they will be able to play the new game mentioned above which was refined and adapted to the local government requirements. It’s quite strange to have a clone adopted and the original game banned, but as you can imagine there are lots of factors at play here, and we really have to understand all of that as we actively figure out how to tackle any possible challenge and situation like this. It’s hard to say whether the PUBG shut down is fair or not. But yes, we do have a PUBG shut down in China and the reality is that we won’t really see the game in that country from now on. What we do know about PUBG Mobile is that this affects the game population quite a bit. Whether it will end up with problems for the game, that’s hard to say, but it’s clear that at least some of the revenue was lost, unfortunately for the PUBG Mobile developers and Tencent.
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