How to Fix Openload Pair Error in Kodi, olpair, Tvad.Me/Pair

If you like to stream media content with ease or store and watch content around your home without paying hefty subscription bills and have run searches for software or devices that cost next to nothing to get free media content, you may have somehow stumbled upon Kodi before. For the benefit of those who do not understand the awesomeness of Kodi, here is a rundown: Developed as a standard media device for the Xbox, Kodi is an open source software media center which allows users to access all kinds of content, from music to videos. Using Kodi, these contents can be run on any device of your choice, including TV, phones, tablets, laptops and more. Kodi also works with your Raspberry Pi. It has a brilliant user interface and functions with both local and network storage services that you use. kodi Kodi can play music in many formats, including MP3, AAC, and OGG. It comes with the ability to tag different tasks and has smart playlist features. Kodi also handles videos well, working with 3D, ISO and H.264 and other formats. With Kodi, you can easily stream content over the internet. After importing the content, you can make some editing, such as adding posters, fan arts, trailers and video extras to each item. You can also store your favorite TV shows with posters and tags, using Kodi. Kodi has the option to stream pictures. You can have a library, create a slideshow, and record live TV, among many other nifty options. Kodi was built to run across multiple platforms: Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows, and Raspberry Pi. It can even be set up to run on the Xbox One. After uploading your content of choice on the device, Kodi catalogs and makes them easily accessible on all devices where the software is installed. Kodi has so many add-ons that help enhance your overall experience. These add-ons have a plethora of functions, from screensavers to tools that make your choice program viewing experience pleasant. It can also be set up to be controlled using many remote devices such as RF remotes, game controllers, smartphones and other control systems. Out of the box, Kodi is legal and should cause no dispute. However, the same cannot be said for the add-ons, as they are all third-party designed and can be used to house and access illegal copyrighted content or distribute pirated content. As earlier explained, Kodi has a versatility that is largely unmatched in media experience. Its usability across multiple platforms may, however, be constrained in some instances by one to two glitches. Popular among the errors encountered while operating a Kodi is the openload stream authorization Kodi error, usually found when using the openload add-on.

What Is Openload Kodi Add-On

Openload is simply a popular server that hosts third-party content. It is listed on Kodi as one of the stream authorization add-ons. Users upload content to openload and can then share these files to other users via a link, making it an excellent place to store and share videos, movies, and TV shows. Kodi on its own does not come with any content; it is only a streaming software and plays content only from remote servers. One of such is the openload, and this add-on connects to the streaming service, searching through its database to find whatever content the user is looking for.

Is Openload Legal?

Almost all of the contents available on openload are from unofficial sources. The implication is that when contents are shared via openload, the copyright holders, where applicable do not get any compensation. This may contravene the copyright laws on some of the content. However, openload, as it stands, is void of any legal implications as it does not hold any content but allows the upload, sharing, and storage of content by the third party in its servers. Discretion is therefore advised in using the services as openload contains unlicensed streams that may become legally implicating.

Legal Notice

Openload and Kodi should only be used to stream movies, TV shows or content that are available under the public domain or do not infringe on any copyright laws. This blog does not endorse or promote any form of illegal activity associated with streaming, uploading or downloading copyrighted materials. This guide is solely for educative and informative purposes.

Openload Pair Kodi Error

As explained earlier, Kodi is only used to stream contents available on servers such as openload. Most of the files available on this server can be streamed via a media player, downloaded via torrent or played in a browser. This means that a single file hosted on openload can be accessed by a large number of users, software, scripts, and bots. Occasionally, these files get requested for from various sources, all at the same time, so much that the server can get affected. To prevent servers from experiencing such downtime, streaming providers have to filter queries and requests by allowing only authorized users access to their content. This is achieved by pairing the user’s IP address with the server. By doing this, traffic can be controlled, and bots can be prevented from having access to the content. The authorization allows access for only four hours. After which, you have to re-validate your IP address and this method proves even more effective than captcha verification. When you are trying to stream content from openload, you may experience any of the following errors: repair,,,, You may also see other openload pair error messages. This happens when you need the authorization to continue viewing your content. Usually, you will be asked to authorize the streaming by using By following the instructions in the different methods highlighted in this post, you will no longer encounter the error messages and enjoy your streaming experience via an openload add-on for Kodi.

How To Fix Openload Pair And Get Rid Of Openload Pair Error


The universally accepted way of getting around an openload pair error message as explained above is by pairing your IP address with the server. To do this:
  • When you get the error response, take note of the URL displayed and enter it in the web browser. If you are using your Kodi on amazon firestick, you can use firefox browser or silk browser. You can connect your device to the same wifi as the Kodi and follow the steps below.
  • The URL entered takes you to the openload homepage.
  • Your current IP address will be displayed, and you will be asked to pair.
  • To complete this phase, you need to pass a captcha verification to show that you are human.
  • To connect your device, click “PAIR” which is shown at the bottom of the page. This page usually contains sponsor ads to generate revenue for the host. You may have to go through redirected pages, membership promotions, and other ad pages.
  • After pairing your IP address, you should receive a notification prompt to confirm pairing status as successful. You can then close the browser and access the contents on Kodi through openload.
openload pair successfull
  • At this stage, if the error message persists, you may need to restart your kodi device.
  • Using this method usually allows access for only 4 hours, after which you may receive the error message again and may need to repeat the steps above (depending on the traffic).
  • Even with that, openload has some restrictions on its use in accessing content, such as using a single IP for validation only once or twice a day (also depending on traffic and location).
  • A trusted solution to this will be to make use of a VPN such as IPVanish.
  • With this VPN, you can change your IP address at will to enjoy unlimited streaming. In addition, using a VPN adds a layer of security as it hides your online activity and keeps you anonymous.
  • In the same vein, you get access to location-blocked contents and are protected from man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Sometimes, you may find that pairing with is not working. In that instance, you should make sure to pair on the same network you want to stream from. This happens, for example when you have a Kodi firestick on your Wifi network and try to video stream on openload. If you pair with a phone that uses cell network instead of the Wifi, the pairing may not be successful.
  • Ensure the openload device you want to stream on and the browser you use to access the olpair URL are connected to the same network.
  • As stated earlier, pairing IP address exposes your IP to prying eyes over the internet and this is a major security concern. When you try to pair your IP with the openload server for authorization, always use a VPN service.


You have the option of either fixing the olpair Kodi error whenever the message pops up or preventing the stream authorization errors altogether by configuring the URL resolver. The URL resolver is the backbone of your Kodi software, and it serves the function of finding the streaming links with which you access the contents. It can be configured in such a way that the URL resolver does not load the openload server. The result is that no stream authorization error will be gotten again. Though this process may skip one of the functional servers; you can still get the same contents from other servers and stream directly to Kodi. Take the following steps to fix openload pair error in Kodi with URL resolver:
  • Go to settigs on your kodi device> system settings. Under system setting, change the mode from standard to expert mode. In the left pane, Choose add-ons and select manage dependencies on the right pane.
openload pair
  • From the list generated in the window, click URL resolver and select configure in the information window.
url resolve error
  • Select openload from the list and click Disable. Click OK to save the settings. Doing this will stop openload server from fetching the streaming link. This method, however, limits the amount of content you have access to.
  • Other streaming links may contain the file you want to stream. Try this method to bypass openload servers and use other links.
  • If you cannot find the desired content after disabling the openload server, or none other streaming link works, enable the openload server in the URL resolver settings and try using the first method (pairing IP address).


CAPTCHA (which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a program that protects websites or other applications from computer bots by generating tests that only humans can pass. Though convenient for website owners that want to protect their sites, it easily becomes a discomfort for human users of the site or application. To work around generating the error message, follow the steps below. openload stream authorization This alternative method works for Kodi users who frequently use a few add-ons
  • Go to the particular add-on setting that displays the olpair error message
Tools option openload
  • On the left pane where you have a lot of options, select playback.
playback in openload setting
  • On the right pane, you should find hosters with captcha.
  • Select the disable option. Disabling hosters with captcha will hide the streams that require authorization for streaming.
hoster with captchas
  • This method is a more permanent fix to the olpair error. What it does is that it disables all the streaming links that are asking for captcha verification.
  • The streaming links that remain after this step allow Kodi to get streams without asking for pairing or captcha verification.
  • However, the downside to this method is that disabling stream hosts with captcha can cause a compromise on stream quality. Normally, openload is one of the streaming servers that provide fast connections with high-quality streams. Also, this process is a time-consuming process as you have to disable captcha hosters for every add-on.
Of all methods discussed in this post, the most highly recommended is the first method of pairing IP address with openload server. This does not limit the number of streams available or reduce the quality of the contents, unlike other methods. All the same, the different methods have their unique advantages and choosing which is best for you is subject to personal preference.
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