You can probably name at least 3 Q&A platforms. You might use them a lot. You might love all of them. But what if I told you there is a completely new one where you are totally anonymous and you can also earn a reasonable income?

Ever needed a quick answer to a burning question?

Probably YES. We are in a rush in our lives and we all want instant solutions to our problems.

“What should I wear on my first date?”

“Which movie to watch on weekend?”

“Where can I find the best freelance marketing jobs?”

And so many more sometimes more complicated questions.

But what if there was an app that can make sure you get what you need just in time? Instead of googling everything, just write down your question, pick the theme (Talent), send it and get quick answers from real people who are trying to help with all their hearts!

Ever thought to help other people with your knowledge?

Yes, we all have something to give. You too! You also have a Talent within yourself that waits to be explored and spread! You can help more people than you could never imagine! Let’s suppose that you love Design & Fashion.

You have great taste, cool clothes and just you know… style. There are a lot of people out there who actually struggle with this and these people are waiting for your answers, for your advice!

Put your talent to work!

Meet MyAux: Fast, Anonymous, Entertaining

MyAux is built for you if you want to have quick answers for your questions but also relentlessly try to make other people’s lives easier. With your own Talent, you can help people by simply answering their questions.

With doing so you’ll also start to become a member of the community, you start earning Plugs!  If you can collect 2,000 Plugs – positive ratings to your answers – you can step up to the PRO level.

Q&A? Okay, we have a lot already… What makes MyAux so special?

Yes, we have a ton of Q&A platforms. But name one that gives you the opportunity to;

  • reach the next level (PRO) with your knowledge,
  • rate the answers you get (Unplug, 0, Plug)
  • read the latest news in your selected Talents (News)

And also, name one that’s totally anonymous. You don’t have to worry if you have an embarrassing question or something you better want to keep to yourself.

Cool, but how does it work? Exact steps with screenshots

Step 1: You sign up to MyAux, with one single tap using your Facebook or E-mail address

Step 2: You complete your profile with a picture of yourself

Step 3: You choose your Talent, which will serve as the theme you get the questions in

Step 4: Push MyAux in the bottom to start answering or asking questions

Step 5: Enjoy!


Money Earning?

It’s also good to know that an update is under construction. The whole team is now working on the next big step in the life of MyAux which will make it possible for you to earn money through the system. But hey, here is a secret hint for you: it’s better to start collecting those Plugs today if you don’t want to miss anything… But psst!

Get MyAux for FREE and start collecting those Plugs NOW! »


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