MobileWash Car Wash On-Demand App Review

MobileWash is the next level mobile app for your auto detailing needs. This is a user-friendly, downloadable app that enables customers just to have their cars to undergo detailing right at the comfort of their homes. There is no need for you to drive that far and wait in line just to have it washed. You can just schedule when is the best time to have your car get washed, and the trusted detailer will come knocking on your doors at the earliest time. You can have it washed for the time being while you get to spend your valuable time on important things.

MobileWash Features

MobileWash app will never have thousands of users if these users haven’t seen the quality services that they offer. This app is definitely the answered prayer for those who are facing difficulties when it comes to having their cars get washed and other detailing needs. mobile wash Everyone understands the struggles and waiting in line just to have those services. Thanks to this app, they will no longer have to go through that process and have those services to be delivered right outside their doorsteps. MobileWash has the following incredible features:
  • User-friendly navigation – Everyone is in search of service that is reliable and is sure to bring them convenience. The developers of this app had made sure that this app can be easily navigated and trusted with the information that they are providing.
  • Service packages – These include three service packages. It has EXPRESS package that includes complete exterior car cleaning and even tire dressing. Their best deal DELUXE package includes cleaning, vacuuming, and wiping the inside parts of your car. While their most popular PREMIUM package includes the cleaning combination in DELUXE and it comes with a plus. All of these packages include add-ons to ensure quality detailing for your car.
  • Wash Now or Wash Later – This option enable the user to schedule the car wash or detailing that will be today or soon. If you choose “Wash Now,” you rest assured that a professional detailer will come to your place the soonest possible time.
  • Professional Detailers and Washers – MobileWash is a member of the largest network of professional auto detailers in America. This ensures that through this app, you can trust that the detailer being sent to your place will be able to do the job at hand.
  • Unique Pricing – The cost that you will need to pay for the requested service is based on the car’s model, make and your location.
These are the features that MobileWash promises to provide its customers. There are more features to discover when you have already downloaded the app.

MobileWash Process of Use

MobileWash app is available for download on Google Play and App Store. After downloading, it is advisable to create an account to enjoy best using this app. The user will open the app, enter a location, and will then be directed to the “Select Vehicles” option. This option will let you choose your vehicle’s model or make and the number of vehicles that would need the service. Next will be the “Select Package” letting the user selects the service package they offer. You can also upgrade the selected service package from the various add-ons being offered. Then you will need to choose from the options “Wash Now” if you wanted to get the service-on-demand and “Wash Later” to have its schedule on your preferred date. This app also allows its users to check on the detailer’s picture, service ratings, and their location on a map. So, the time of approval will be known based on how this detailer is near the user’s location. When it comes to payment, MobileWash supports a safe and secure payment method of the credit card system. Once the service had been delivered and completed, through this app, the user will then rate the performance of the service provider and might as well that he or she will leave feedback.

MobileWash Pros and Cons

MobileWash is known to the best on-demand mobile app for car detailing services. There are over thousands of users who have witnessed the convenience, affordable, and reliable service that they offer. It also enables users to meet only the best and trusted professionals in the field of car detailing industry. The pros and cons of this app are provided below:


  • The app is downloadable and user-friendly. In just a few clicks, the user can already schedule for the requested service.
  • It is convenient and reliable. There is no need for customers to drive just to have their car washed or undergone detailing service.
  • It offers quality car detailing and car washing service.
  • They have a team of professional detailers that are insured, vetted, and background checked by MobileWash assurance team.
  • They offer custom pricing that will be based on the model and make of the vehicle plus your location.


  • Since the services are offered on states of Florida, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and California, this means that the app users should come only from those areas.
  • The washers will wait for your response up to 15 minutes to confirm location. But for some reasons like no signal, no data, and other problems, the user will be charged with no response fee of $25.

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MobileWash app is the tool that solves the hassles and struggles that one must go through for car detailing and washing. The app is convenient to use and not as complicated as other apps would be. In just a matter of a few clicks, the user can conveniently schedule it. There is no need to carry some big cash to pay once the service had been completed. One can just pay easily through credit card payment method. And you can give a tip by clicking it on the app. Everything is so easy, and you will just have to wait for the wash and detailing to be done. However, no matter how advanced the technology that we have today, it still has imperfections. Just like the ones mentioned on the cons, even if it is not your fault for delaying your response, you will be charged by it. Before downloading the app, make sure that the company covers or offered their services to your location.
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