Mobile Betting App Features – What’s available?

Nowadays, millions of people from all over the world love to gamble from their mobile gadgets. Regardless if it’s a tablet or the latest smartphone on the market, pretty much every modern device is capable of running most mobile applications perfectly fine.

Even though mobile betting is definitely going to get more popular, there are still some punters that don’t like it yet. That’s due to the fact that some apps don’t have nearly as many betting features as the desktop website. However, this is not true for every app out there, especially those that belong to some of the biggest brands.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular features you can find in a mobile betting app nowadays.

Mobile Betting

mobile betting app features

Of course, the first and definitely the most essential thing that you can do in a mobile app is to bet from it. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some apps only allow users to bet on sports. On the other hand, there are also applications from some of the bigger brands that offer sports bets, casino, live casino, bingo, and so on. Whether you will download 1xbet app or something else, it all depends on what you like to play on.

Another feature related to betting that only the top companies offer is called mobile live betting. As the name suggests, this allows users to place bets on their favorite sports while the match is live. To make things even better, companies such as 1xBet and others also offer an exclusive Live Streaming feature. It allows you to watch what’s happening in the match live, without having to go to an external source just to see what’s going on. Not only is this very convenient, but it can also help you increase your winnings a lot. After all, it’s way better to watch something absolutely live.

Mobile Cash Out

Another exciting feature that you’d want to try is called mobile cash out. Unfortunately, this is not available in some places, which is a shame really because it’s a great feature to have.

The cash out option allows you to basically “sell” your bet back to the bookmaker. The amount of money you will get back will depend heavily on the potential outcome of your bet. So, if it’s apparent that you’re not going to guess it, you will probably not get a lot of money back. However, if it’s just a matter of time before you win it, you will get a lot more.


This is perhaps the most exclusive feature that you can only find in the most popular mobile betting apps. It allows you to watch a couple of matches that you’ve bet on simultaneously, which means that you have way more control over your bet. Not only does it make you a lot more flexible, but you can also make the most out of your cash-out option.

Sadly, there are not that many places out there that offer this fantastic feature. If you’re fortunate enough to find somewhere where this is provided, you’re going to enjoy it a lot.

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