If you pre-ordered the iPhone 4 then you more than likely received the phone today, have activated it, and are slaughtering the latest games on that beautiful double glass retina display. However, the second you set the phone down, your body cringes in fear that you won’t pick up a scratch. Apple has engineered their own solution called “bumpers” however they haven’t shipped yet. So what’s the solution? iFrogz’ iPhone 4 case called “Luxe Original” which can be picked up at your local AT&T store, at BestBuy, or Amazon.


At this point, my choice was simple- I had to purchase a case for my new iPhone 4 or risk scratching it. Without many options on the market yet that are available for purchase, I bit the bullet at a local AT&T store and bought 1 of 3 cases that were available.

My thoughts? The iFrogz Luxe Original case is actually awesome. It’s a sleek two-piece design with a velvet backing to protect the glass and wraps around the sides of the phone’s bumpers as well as the backside glass (Apple’s bumper case doesn’t do that). The case is made of a polycarbonate material that has a soft rubber feel but is really harder plastic.

The only thing that sucks about this case is it’s price, $29.99. But protecting my phone asap is more important.

Head on over to your local AT&T or BestBuy store to get one, you’ll be relieved that your phone is that much more protected.


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