How to Play GBA Games on iPhone using GBA4iOS App

We all know that that there is no support on an iPhone or iPad for playing console games and, until now, you had to jailbreak to download an emulator. Well, that’s all changed with GBA4iOS. A popular emulator app, this provides support for Nintendo, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and more so that you can play your favorite games once more. Play GBA Games on iPhone using GBA4iOS App With many consoles supported, it is one of the most comprehensive emulator apps, and it works on pretty much any iOS device. All we would say is, you will get a much better app experience if you have at least 2GB RAM on your iPhone or iPad; not only will the games be smoother, you can also play the games that are heavier on graphics.

How to Download GBA4iOS

Given the nature of this app, it isn’t something you can download from the iOS app store. However, it is still simple to get; all you do is download an external app installer called Emus4U. Packed with apps, games and other content, the installer has other emulators besides GBA4iOS so take some time to explore it and see what you can find. Tap on one of the buttons below to directly download GBA4iOS to your device or follow the steps to get Emus4U and gain from all the extra content:
  1. Install the Emus4U Downloader app by following the linked tutorial
  2. Tap the app icon to open Emus4U
  3. Tap on Emulators and search for GBA4iOS
  4. Tap on it, tap Install and wait
  5. When it’s installed, you can download all your console games
There is another way of downloading GBA4iOS; it is a bit trickier, and you don’t get the advantage of everything that Emus4U offers. It involves using Cydia Impactor to sideload the IPA file onto your device: Before you start, make sure you have your Apple ID to hand, and that iTunes is up to date – open iTunes, click on Help > Check for updates and follow the directions on the screen.
  1. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer
  2. Shut iTunes down if it opens
  3. Download the .ipa file for GBA4iOS
  4. Download Cydia Impactor and open it
  5. Wait until it has detected your device and then drag the .ipa file into the open window
  6. Put your Apple ID in and click OK on the Expired Certificates warning
  7. When Cydia Impactor has signed and installed the file, the emulator icon will be on your home screen

Untrusted Developer Error Fix

When you tap the emulator icon or the Emus4U icon, you will see an Untrusted Developer error. Note the name of the developer:
  1. Open Settings > General > Profiles
  2. Tap the name of the developer in the list
  3. Tap Trust and close Settings
Now you can use it

GBA4iOS Features

  • Quick and easy download
  • User-friendly emulator
  • No need to install Cydia
  • Works on all iOS versions
  • Supports Nintendo, Gameboy and other consoles
  • Supports multiplayer online gaming
  • One-click play – just one emulator, regardless of console
  • Cloud Server Hosting for safe and secure downloads
  • Cloud data storage for easy syncing
  • Customize games controls and game maps
  • Lots more features

Alternative Download Method

 If Emus4U isn’t for you, have a look at another external installer called AppValley. As well as GBA4iOS, you will also find many more apps, games, and emulators. Simply follow the guide above but download AppValley app instead of Emus4U.

Alternative Emulators

 If GBA4iOS doesn’t support your favorite console, try these free alternatives;
  • NDS4iOS
  • Happy Chick
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