How to Fix Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage

Microsoft compatibility telemetry – a service in windows 10 which comprises of all the technical data with regards to the working of the windows and various other software. It allows the windows to tailor the window engagement surfaces, thereby making it reliable, safe and better performing in various uncertain conditions. It further improves the performance of the windows and keeps it updated. When it comes to the telemetry data of the windows, it usually includes the system files, logs of applications, metrics, and other diagnostic information. One of the very common issues with Windows 10 is Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk that can be fixed in 3 different ways as below;

Solution 1- Group Policy Editor

In order to resolve the issue of Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk, using the group policy editor can work in the following ways;

Step 1- Type “gpedit.msc”

The initial step is to press the two keys together, i.e. “windows logo key + R. Then type “gpedit.msc” and press “ok”.

step 1 gpedit.msc

Step 2- Visit computer configuration

After the initial step, now navigate to “computer configuration”, then “administrative templates”. Next, move the cursor to “windows component” and tap onto “data collection and preview builds”. computer configuration

Step 3- Tap towards “allow telemetry”

Next, from the folder namely, “Data collection and preview builds”, double tap “allow telemetry” option. allow telemetry

Step 4- Press ok and finish

Lastly, press “disabled” option and continue with “ok”. To cross check the Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk”, make a visit to the task manager on your PC system. Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk

Solution 2- Registry Editor

If the solution fails to resolve your issue, check this Registry Editor solution as below;

Step 1- Type “regedit”

In order to starts with, press together “Windows Logo Key + R”. Now type “regedit” within the search bar and then press ok. Microsoft compatibility telemetry

Step 2- Press “Yes”

Following the first step, for the second step click yes. Now navigate “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”, following the “software”. Next, move towards “policies” option, tapping “Microsoft” promptly. Visit “DataCollectoin” before moving towards the next step. step 2 registry editing options

Step 3- Choose “New”

Once you are done with making a right click on DataCollection, a small bar with option “New” appears. Choose the option and move towards “DWORD (32-bit) Value” option. Next, make a selection for a new name value “Allow Telemetry”, double tap it. Telemetry High Disk Usage

Step 4- Insert Value Data

In order to finish with the procedure set value data to zero. Now click ok. Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry

Solution 3- EaseUS

Are you still struggling to fix Microsoft compatibility telemetry high disk usage? If so, one of the widely used methods includes discarding all the memory from the system as this may help in running your system faster. Hence, causing low disk usage.

Step 1- Download EaseUS

In order to initiate the procedure, it is crucial to download “Easeus Partition Master” and introduce it. Then make a selection for the “Tools” option, next “System Optimization” option. ease partion tool

Step 2- Click “Analyze”

Following, choose “Junk File Cleanup”. Next click “Analyze” to make program discover junk files from the system. cleanup and optimization step 2

Step 3- Click yes to get rid of the junk files

Once done with the selection of junk files, press “clean up”. Next, “yes” to clean the files. In order to finish, proceed by rebooting the system. Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High Disk Usage Hope the methods shared above works for you. Have any other method to share? Do so in the comment box below! Also Read: How to Fix Openload Pair Error in Kodi
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