How to Fix Android App Not Installed Error

With official Android apps, you tend to get a smooth download experience, but with more and more people turning to unofficial apps, the “Application Not Installed” error message is becoming very common. You only really see the error when you try to install an unofficial .apk file and, while it might be irritating, it is nothing to do with the software nor is it a hardware issue. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that it is down to what you have done on your device. Fix Android App Not Installed Error First, we’ll tell you what causes it and then how to fix it.

Why the “Application Not Installed” Error Appears

 These are the reasons why the error might appear:

1. Not Enough Storage Space

Depending on how much storage space you started off with and what you have on your device, it could be that you have insufficient space. That will lead to the Android app not being installed Fix: This one is simple – make some space. If you have lots of media files, transfer them to a flash drive or other storage device. Uninstall apps that you don’t need, delete files that you don’t need and clean out any temporary cache and junk files. You can also remove resource-heavy apps by opening Settings > Apps ( Application Manager ) and shutting down those that use a lot of memory.

2. App File is Corrupted or Contaminated

If you opt for unofficial apps rather than official Play Store apps, you may be downloading a corrupted and potentially unsafe file. Fix: There are plenty of links on the internet that claim to be the app you want but, more often than not, they will be corrupted or not what they seem to be. Stick to downloading from the Play Store for standard apps and, if you want an unofficial app, like AC Market app installer, make sure you download it from the official links only.

3. SD Card Incorrectly Mounted

Or not mounted at all. Sometimes, you might connect your Android device to another device, like your PC or Mac, which is able to access your SD card, and download an app to the card. If your card has not been mounted correctly or at all, the app error will appear because it can’t be installed. Fix: Make sure your card is mounted correctly. Unplug your Android device from your PC (or another device) and then open your Android settings app. Tap on Storage > Mount SD Card. Then reboot and try again.

4. Storage Location

Some apps will not work on an SD card, requiring internal storage instead. Unofficial app installers, for example, won’t be installed to an SD card because the package manager cannot read the APK file. On the other hand, there are apps that must be mounted to the card. If you don’t install to the correct location for the app, it won’t work. Fix: Usually, the app you are trying to download will tell you where it wants to be installed. Don’t ignore this and try installing elsewhere.

5. Storage is Corrupt

When your storage is corrupted, and this tends to happen more with SD cards, the app will not install. The internal storage can also become unusable because of data that may upset the storage. This kind of thing must be resolved immediately; otherwise, you are risking your device and all that is on it. Fix Format your SD card first as this is the likely culprit. Then open your Settings>Storage and remount the card. For internal memory, you need to go through and remove everything that is not required.

6. Incorrect App Permissions

The app may not have the correct permissions to run on your device; if it doesn’t, the error message will appear. Fix Reset the app permissions by opening Settings>Apps. Tap on Reset App Preferences or Reset App Permissions and you will be able to install unofficial content again.

7. The Wrong File

If you are trying to download an app where you already have a version of it on your device, you may run into trouble where the new app will not get installed. Fix: Delete all instances of the app from your device and then try again. And, as we said earlier, always make sure you download your apps from reputable and official sources.


If none of these have worked for you, reboot your Android device. This will close down everything on your device and restart cleanly. Then you can try again. As you see, there are quite a few things that can cause the “App Not Installed” error to appear and most of the time, and it will be down to something you have done or haven’t done as the case may be. Now you know what causes it, you can make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future and enjoy your unofficial apps in peace.
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