Social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing that focuses on online advertising through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and even LinkedIn, to name a few. These channels create a community where users can interact and voice their opinions on various subject matters. It’s essential for any business since it’s where you can reach your target audience.

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If you want to become a top social media marketing expert, these are the things you should know:

  1. Read Up on Digital Marketing

Since social media marketing is one aspect of digital marketing, you need to get a good grasp of the latter so that you can formulate appropriate strategies that support the overarching goal of online advertising with the use of social networking platforms. There are lots of online resources such as Social Media Examiner, HubSpot, and webmarketing123, which teach you the basic principles of this field and how to apply them to your campaign.

Moreover, it’s not necessary to have a degree or diploma to become a social media marketing specialist, especially if you have had practical experience on how to handle such projects. However, for beginners, a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Marketing, Communications, English Literature, or Journalism can vastly increase the likelihood that you get hired for the role.

  1. Know the Key Responsibilities of a Social Media Marketing Expert

You should understand the key responsibilities of a social media marketing specialist and what this position plays in the overall digital marketing efforts of a brand. Prepare for the job by taking note of the tasks that you are expected to do and gain the fundamental knowledge for the role.

Here are the key responsibilities of a social media marketer:

  • Developing a Social Media Strategy – As a specialist, you are expected to create, plan, and oversee a social marketing strategy for a brand by identifying goals and aligning them with the company’s broader marketing objectives.
  • Budgeting for Social Media Ads – While digital marketing is a low-cost way to promote a product, service, or advocacy, paid advertisements are still a necessity for some types of businesses, particularly those in competitive industries. A marketing expert will need to determine the required budget for each campaign.
  • Managing Social Media Channels – You must be adept at using tools like Hootsuite and Buffer for monitoring and measuring the success of social media strategies you employ.
  • Monitor the Community – Social media platforms are an excellent way to engage with your current customers and reach potential buyers. As a social media marketing specialist, you should build connections and start conversations with followers.
  1. Get Certified

Certifications boost your credibility on the subject and establish your expertise as a social media marketer. The basic courses you can take are for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Content Marketing, Facebook Ads, and YouTube. You can enroll in online courses for these topics and get certified upon completion.

A brief glimpse at what you can expect for each certification:

  • Google AdWords – AdWords is a platform where brands pay to have ads for their products and services displayed on the search engine. You will need to pass two certification tests, which include the fundamentals and one of the following: search, display, mobile, video, or shopping advertising. Google provides resources and exams for free.
  • Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a tool created by the search engine to measure the growth of your site’s traffic. You can learn how to track the success of your SEO and social media campaigns.
  • Content Marketing – Text and other media like images as well as video comprise your content. It plays a crucial role in informing and engaging with your customers. Creating witty and attention-grabbing social media posts is a necessary skill for this role in enticing potential buyers to follow your updates.
  • Facebook Ads – Facebook is a significant player in digital marketing since most consumers are on this platform. It makes sense to learn how to make the most of this feature such as targeting customers by age, interests, purchasing behaviors, and location.
  • YouTubeVideo has already risen to become the top content medium nowadays. Certification will ensure potential employers that you know how to grow, optimize, and monetize a YouTube account.


As you begin a career as a social media marketing expert, the future roles you have along this path are becoming a sales manager, public relations manager, digital marketing strategist, and chief marketing officer. Enhance your skills further by learning about SEO, copywriting, digital photography, and graphic design to increase your marketability.

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