Hidden SMS Tracker on Android Helps Parents

If you are a parent, you might have a tough time keeping track of your teenager child. Most of the times, your teenagers don’t speak about their life, and you, as a parent worry about it. However, there’s an easier way to solve this by using mobile spy like MSPY. Or, do you want to make sure that you know the conversation your kid is having? Then you need to spy on text messages, in your kid’s mobile phone.

Hidden SMS tracker on android what is it

It is a tracker or an application on your Android device, which helps you to read the messages on the host phone. While you might think that it will create a problem, the application is quite stealthy. sms tracker When you install it on the phone, the owner of the device doesn’t get any notification or details, but you do. This way, if you are checking on the texts of your kid, you are covered, as your kid won’t know that you are checking the text message.

What is Hoverwatch.com SMS tracker

Hoverwatch.com is one of the leading producers of apps for your phone tracking system. With the help of hoverwatch tracker free, you can keep an eye on what your kid or any other person is doing. In short, it is a phone recorder app, which helps you monitor all the calls and the messages which have been sent and received on the phone. If you, as a parent, want to know about the daily habits of your kid, this is the best way you can do so.

What Can I Do With Hoverwatch?

If you want to check out what someone is doing without obstructing any actions, then Hoverwatch tracker SMS tracker can definitely help. You have a variety of options with Hoverwatch app. Be it monitoring someone’s calls to checking out someone’s SMS messages or even checking out the position of the person, Hoverwatch apps provide you with a lot of options. You can check out the following with Hoverwatch
  • Daily calls of the person
  • Daily SMS of the person
  • Location of the phone owner
  • Facebook account details and messages of the owner
  • Snapchat account details of the owner
  • Recording of calls
  • Stealthily track someone’s daily routine and what he/she does with the phone
  • Detecting if the person changes SIM card or not
  • Checking out the browsing history of the person
  • Tracking Whatsapp and the conversations on the app on Android
  • Monitoring the camera usage, and the photographs that the owner takes with the device camera
It will also show you the full call log, including missed, received, dialed and unanswered calls on the target phone.  With Hoverwatch, you have a variety of options based on your needs.

How To Use Hoverwatch?

Using Hoverwatch app is simple and easy. All you need to do is follow a few steps and make sure that no one knows that you are installing something on the target mobile. Here are the steps laid down for you. Step 1 The first step is signing up for a free online account. All you would need is an email. Put in your details and email, and choose a password. You will be able to check all info from this account. Step 2 Once you have set up your online account, you need to download the app and install it on the target phone. Step 3 Now you are ready to track all the calls and the details on the phone based on what you choose.

Pricing Policy

Hoverwatch is customized for your personal as well as business needs. This is why they offer you with three different plans – Personal, professional and Business. The personal plan costs $24.95 and allows you to track one device only. This is great if you are a worried parent who wants to know what your teenager is doing. It comes with a 3-month price of $59.95 and a yearly plan costing $99.95. The professional plan allows you to track 5 different devices, and comes with an app named ‘Mobile Viewer’. With this app, you can monitor any device right from your own mobile. It costs $199.95 for a year, or $49.95 per month. The Business plan is great for corporate users and allows you to track 25 devices, and also comes with ‘Mobile Viewer’. You get all types of monitoring option, and you can choose what you want to activate. The price for this $149.95 per month or $499.95 per year. Other than this, you can also increase the number of devices for an additional price of $9.99 per device for the professional plan and $6 per device for the business plan, monthly.


When it comes to choosing an SMS tracker app for your kid’s mobile phone, Hoverwatch is a great option. It doesn’t cost you much and is stealthy. It also helps you to keep an eye on things that you might miss when you are just scrolling through your kid’s mobile.
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