There are many people who want to share important things with their friends and followers but are stopped too soon by the character limit on Twitter. As decided by the governing team of this social network, each tweet must have no more than 140 characters. This translates into a maximum of 25 words per tweet, which can be quite inconvenient if you have something truly noteworthy to spread across the virtual realm.


With this in mind, such a problem can be solved with the aid of a new app: BigTweets. Using this app anyone can transform tweets into an image and thus post as many characters/words as desired.


BigTweets works in a very simple manner. Once it is installed on the user’s iPhone it provides a simple 2-choice selection: post a new simple Tweet or an image-tweet. The first option is still limited at 140 characters, but the latter option allows for basically an infinity of characters to be posted (as many as fit into a high-resolution image, the equivalent of 1 page of PDF document). If the second choice is selected, another tab opens up which provides the ability to choose either a Camera Roll photo or a Library (default) photo for the tweet.

What follows next is a screen where the user has to enter a text for the upcoming image-tweet. This is not limited by characters or words and total freedom is allowed at all times. Users can also insert special characters as they are available on iPhone’s keyboard, characters which will be later transposed into the image.

Developer: AppsTizers4U
Price: 1,09 €

The third and final step of the process implies selecting a certain font and character dimension for the new image-tweet. For example, users have the possibility to opt for Copperplate font styling in 14pt., Times New Roman in 12pt, Marion in 16pt and so on. These options are available on a standard text editor as well (such as Microsoft Office), but here they are used for transposing the text to the image in the desired style.

What’s truly impressive here is the amount of customization that one can do to the text. Not only that an unlimited number of characters per tweet becomes possible, but users also get the option of choosing their desired fonts and character size without being restricted by any means.


All in all, BigTweets is a truly useful app for those who feel limited by the standard 140-character limit of Twitter. The concept is entirely new and very creative, allowing anyone to rejoice from posting long, top-quality tweets in the form of an image. Nevertheless, users still have the possibility to post standard text-tweets from within the app.


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