Spend Less, Play More, Build Your Own Empire

Tracking your expenses doesn’t exactly sound like the stuff of gut-busting entertainment. With that in mind, we’ll be honest: we weren’t quite expecting “fun” from an expense management app.

So we were very surprised by Fortune City by Fourdesire. Apparently, yes, there really is an app that makes a game out of what would normally amount to a daily chore. (In fact, that’s Fourdesire’s primary goal, but we’ll talk more about that in a moment.)

In the spirit of SimCity, Forge of Empires and Aven Colony, Fortune City allows you to build your own little urban empire right on your cell phone. The very unique twist: your analog/real-world daily expenditures allow you to add cool items to your app mini-city. The smarter a spender you are, the more super-cool options you get.

How it Works

In order to use Fortune City, you simply record expenditures as you go about your day. As you do, the app takes you to the next level (see below) by allowing you to add to or change your city. Just record your expenses and your city will flourish into a unique place, exclusively for you.

The app also creates charts that reflect your spending habits, wise and unwise choices, and other pertinent data. All of this information helps you discover where your money is actually going, every single day. Ever wonder where that Friday paycheck went? Now you’ll know!

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Meanwhile, positive habits are rewarded with the ability to add onto your own mini-city with cool graphics and a true element of fun. That’s the real hurdle with budgeting: many people find it dry. Fortune City makes it engaging, so you want to track your expenses. (Yes, really.)

Fortune City - Expense Tracker
Fortune City - Expense Tracker

How it Looks

Naturally, top on the list for most people when it comes to entertainment apps is how they look. Graphics are a big deal in today’s fast-paced world, where we’re already bombarded with so much visual stimulation. So how does Fortune City rank as far as eye candy goes?

Fortune City App
image: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fourdesire.fortunecity

Actually, the graphics are a very unique combination of ultra-contemporary with whimsical. This means they’re likely to appeal to almost any age group and lifestyle. The colors pop, the images are 3D-esque and the charts are low on boredom, big on style.

The graphics aren’t what you’d normally expect from an accounting-type app. We feel they’re a huge part of why Fortune City has been so attractive to date. You’re far from bored, and you keep getting hit with visual rewards.

Ease of Use

We found Fortune City to be pretty easy to jump right into. Adding expenses is a simple matter of tapping the + at the bottom of the screen. This basically takes no time at all, so once you’re in the habit of grabbing for your phone at Starbucks or getting gas (be honest, you have your phone out anyway), you’ll be an old hand at Fortune City in no time.

You do need to input expenses under the correct categories, but again, these are pretty much no-brainers. It’s likely you at least mentally categorize your expenses anyway. You already know where things go, you’ve just been waiting for a no pain, no strain way to actually track them. Fortune City is that way, in our opinion.

The “reward” is instant: the city pops up as you use the app. The visual rewards make sense, too. For instance, if you input a shopping expense, your city will pop up with a boutique or other store.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

You do need to remember to record every expenditure you make. For some, that can become cumbersome.

If you’re the type who loves a challenge and thrives on getting the most bang for your buck (literally and figuratively), Fortune City is for you. Try it – you’ve never had so much fun playing with your money!

Fortune City - A Finance App
Fortune City - A Finance App



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