If you are a social media addict or use it more often, then you must have come across images of people with the exchanged face. This phenomenon is common in social media sites like Snapchat, Instagram and Path.

Well, the most logical question you may be asking yourself is, “How do they do it?” It is not rocket science; all they did was install face swap app in their smartphones.

You can do it too; luckily, there are tons of face replacement apps today in the market for both Android and iOS.

These apps will let you enjoy social media even more and have lots of fun with your friends by creating hilarious contents that will get you likes and followers.

In fact, becoming popular has never been this easier, the photos you create will take social media storm. That is why today we have taken the liberty of taking you through ten of the top face switching apps for Android and iOS in the market.

1. Snapchat

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchases


Snapchat is among the leading and most popular social networks in the world with around 200 million daily active users.

This cross-platform app is known for video and photo capturing features as well as a face replacement option. To switch faces, hold with your finger the image of your face on the screen until different faces appear at the bottom of the screen.

Snapchat features include:

  • Filters
  • Lenses
  • Snap Ads
  • Audio
  • Full-screen vertical video ads
  • Audience match
  • Geo-filters
  • Snap publisher
  • Instant messaging video streaming
  • Multi-snap
  • Emoji creator
  • Travel mode
  • Message symbols
  • Snapcodes
  • Snap trophies

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2. B612

Price: Free


Unlike Snapchat, which is a social media app, B612 is a camera that helps the user take stunning selfies and switch faces. After launching the app, locate and click the smiley icon and select the face swap option.

B612 is a perfect alternative for your mobile camera, which in most cases never has enough filters. With this app, you can take selfies and get to see the real-time effects on them.

You can add beautiful, weird or even horror masks to your photos and make them look funnier. Unlike your default phone camera, B612 gives you a variety of dimensions for taking selfies. Its features include:

  • Selfie Timer
  • Filters
  • Touch mode
  • Funny mask
  • Variety of selfie dimensions
  • Adjust brightness level
  • Collage frame
  • Background decoration

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3. Cupace 4.8

Price: Free, Ads

Compatibility: Android only


If you want to know why Michael Jordan meme is so popular, the reason might be Cupace 4.8. This Android-only supported app makes it easier to create memes or turn a photo into a hilarious snap.

It is also possible to copy a photo and post it onto another using Cupace app. The Face Gallery feature allows you to save faces cut from images for future use. Check out some of the app’s features:

  • Emojis
  • Photo sharing
  • Photo cropping
  • Album creating
  • Stickers
  • Photo editor
  • Rotating photos
  • Text editor
  • Camera
  • Photo report

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4. Face Swap by Microsoft

Price: Free

face swap by microsoft

Microsoft never let cool trends pass without them weighing in, and that is exactly what they did with face swap app craze. And they never wanted to be subtle, with the name of the app telling all –Face Swap.

The app lets you superimpose your face virtually anywhere so you find out how you’d look like with a different body, hairdo, or as a T-Rex.

It enable you to take a selfie, then it automatically isolates your face and adds it onto an image from the web or photo gallery. The app even matches your skin complexion to the image.

Another cool thing about Swap Face is that you can keep trying as long as possible until you create an image you like and confident of sharing with friends. Cool features are:

  • Web integration
  • Skin color match
  • Hairstyle library

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5. Face App 4.2

Price: Free but has in-app purchases

Compatibility: Android


This app allows you to see how you’d look like if you were of a different gender, age or had a wider smile. But the free version offers limited features unless you upgrade to the pro version.

  • Ad-free
  • Face selection
  • No watermarks
  • Priority photo processing

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6. Face Swap

Price: Free but contains Ads

face swap

This App offers plenty of options for face swapping such as Face Clone feature, which lets you copy motions faces from videos or adding your face onto a video clip.

Additionally, the app also comes with cool photo editing tools that allow you to play around with colors, text overplays, stickers or filters. After creating images, there is an option for sharing on social media sites such as Facebook, and Twitter. Features are:

  • Swap faces with your friends in real time
  • Video recording with face swapped
  • Filters
  • Masks

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7. MSQRD 4.3

Price: Free


MSQRD is known for being excellent for taking video selfies and its numerous cool features. With this app, you can easily become a movie superhero, a cute animal, or cartoon yourself.

As if that is not cool enough, you can also broadcast live videos on social media (Facebook) while donning a mask. It also contains large collections of filter gallery and an option to share your creations with your social media friends.

MSQRD is an app from Facebook, thus explaining how it is easy to link it the social media site. Its features include:

  • Profile management
  • 2-step verifications
  • Uploading photos
  • Sharing anonymously
  • Sharing media privately
  • See your activity history
  • Social news feed
  • Messaging
  • Sending digital gifts
  • Social link

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8. Face Swap Live 4.0

Price for iOS: $ 0.99

face swap live

You know an app is great when it is not free. Face Swap Live allows you to switch faces with friends in real time, by just starting to record and the rest is taken care of.

Additionally, you can change face Live to switch faces on photos, so can look cooler like your favorite celebrity. If you are not sure if you want to spend money on the untried app, the app still has the lite version, for android beta version is just introduced. Top Features are:

  • 3D effects
  • Face Goo Studio
  • Interacting face warping

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9. Face Swap Booth

Price: Free, in-app purchases

cartoon yourself

The App lets you add your face onto a single image as many times as you wish, switch faces with celebrities, and swap faces across different photos.

The app has advanced face recognition that is capable of automatically switching faces in all your photos with great precision. Face Booth Features:

  • Swap faces across many photos
  • Save your creation for use on other photos as many time as you wish
  • Swap celebrities face with your own photos and vice versa
  • Add your face onto any photo as many times as you wish
  • Advanced editor tools
  • Advanced automatic face detection
  • Mix-match facial feature so you can make completely “New People.”
  • Multiple facial cover masks
  • A large collection of celebrity photos
  • Pre-load celebrity faces
  • Share option to social media

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10. MixBooth 4.0

Price: Free

face changing app

With MixBooth app, you can transform yourself into a celebrity in just a few seconds.

The app is simple to use because you just need to choose a photo that has a face you like and the app will make the swap automatically. Features include:

  • Auto-cropping using face recognition
  • Works with photos taken with any camera or from your gallery
  • Instant transformation process
  • Save results to photo gallery
  • Share your creation with a friend on social media or via email

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Face swap apps are supposed to help you become humorous and entertain your friends and social media followers.

Try any of the face replacement faces in this list and become a source of entertainment for your social media friends.

The apps that compatibilities are not specified means they are supported by both Android and iOS operating systems.

10 Best Face Swap Apps for Android and IOS
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