3 Custom App Development Trends 2018

Software development firms are always staying up to date with the latest app development trends in order to deliver quality services to their customers. And it really pays off in here. The idea is simple, custom app development always focuses on new technologies and ideas, depending on what’s developed at that time. But there are some important trends to focus on this year.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

There’s no denying that augmented and virtual reality are becoming mainstream. The process took a bit more than anticipated, but it’s certainly working very well and it features the type of adaptability that you just can’t find anywhere else. Custom apps are now trying to include AR and VR as much as possible. The technology is there, and developers need to use it because the customers do want it. There’s a huge market for VR apps, and even the enterprise apps require VR right now. A good example would be the engineering, real estate, retail or healthcare world. Adapting these technologies is a true challenge, but one that can bring in front some amazing results if everything is done adequately and with the right approach.

Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays working with artificial intelligence (AI) is a lot easier than ever before. And AI can definitely transform the user experience. AI can be used to make decisions for the users, it can be suitable for automating tasks, and it also comes with cognitive interfaces, machine learning and a variety of other factors to keep in mind. The benefit here is that AI can be very good for creating the Internet of Things solutions. It’s not that expensive to create AI solutions anymore, which is why more and more companies try to come up with their own approach. And this is definitely one of the major custom app development trends that will continue to grow again and again.


Recently the blockchain received a lot of attention, mostly thanks to the Bitcoin growth. It shows that there’s a lot of potentials, and the overall transparency, as well as security, are key components when it comes to evolving our world and taking it to new heights. It’s definitely not something simple to adapt in every software solution, but a lot of top software development firms like Svitla Systems focus on using the blockchain for software projects and it works extremely well. Thankfully, it can also be adapted to a plethora of industries too, which is an amazing thing to have. All these technologies are very important for custom app development this year and well beyond that. They are bound to become the future of development, but the way we use them is what will define and adapt all of that in the long run. But one thing is certain, custom app development trends are always changing, and it’s up to us to stay up to date with all of them. Adaptability is key, and it does have the potential to pay off extremely well in the long run. Only time can tell what trends might appear and how these will change, but the potential is amazing!
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