Creativity on the Go – 9 Best Apps for Mobile Creative

Creative types are always on the move. Hurrying from client to client, rushing to meet deadlines, and finding our creative inspiration at the oddest times and in the oddest of places.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the tools we use were as flexible and mobile as we are? Fortunately, most of us always have one tool handy no matter where we go – our smartphones – and app developers have recognized the needs of designers by introducing some creative tools for this ubiquitous device. So for the modern Mozarts of web designers, Picassos of pictures, Reubens of graphic designers and Cecil B. DeMilles of video; here are 10 mobile apps for creative types on the go.


Paper It wasn’t so long ago that creative types would never be seen without a journal or sketchpad in tow.  It was our go-to way of always being able to jot down an idea, sketch a concept or just generally get something down so that we wouldn’t forget it later. This is the very nitch that Paper by WeTransfer was meant to fill.  Sketch, type, paint and draw anytime and anywhere in this digital journal to ensure that great idea never gets away.

Tayasui SketchesiOS and Android

Tayasui Sketches If sketching is your thing, this app provides all the tools you need for realistic drawing and painting including support for pencil, watercolor, oil, acrylic, airbrush and pen tools to let the artist in you free no matter where you are.

Brushes ReduxAndroid

Brushes Redux Painting more up your alley?  Brushes Redux by Chrostoffer Hoel has a painting engine that provides all the tools and technology you need to produce your art in a powerful and responsive UI directly on your Android device.


Assembly Looking for a tool to combine the power of vector graphic design with an intuitive interface that provides only the tools you need when you need them, then look no further than Assembly by Pixite LLC. Create logos, icons, and illustrations using predesigned elements, customizable with point editing, or build your own based on your personal skill level and output into industry standard formats with this easy to use the tool.

Stock Photos by Dreamstime – iOS & Android

Stock Photos by Dreamstime Not a photographer or illustrator, but still need professional imagery in your creative endeavors?   Then the choice of stock photos from the industry-leading Dreamstime agency is just your ticket. Easily search a database of over 100 million images to quickly find and download the right image with the right license at the right time for all your design needs.

PathOn iOS

PathOn We all know that a picture speaks a thousand words – but sometimes we still need to add verbiage to our visual design elements. PathOn by Peta Vision allows you to draw or import patterns directly on your photos or illustrations and use those paths to add text to the image in the shape and font you need.

AfterlightiOS and Android

Afterlight Sometimes an image just needs that little something extra to flll a need.  Afterlight by Afterlight Collective, Inc. allow you to seamlessly add your choice of 59 filters, 66 unique textures and/or 77 adjustable frames to images to render professional results with an intuitive user interface. Additional support for cropping, transformations and adjustments included in this bundle provide just the right set of tools to modify and adjust any image to suit just your requirements.

Pantone StudioiOS

Pantone Studio Get creative with colors using the Pantone Studio app.  Build custom palettes from over 10,000 standard hues, or extract a color palette from a picture or image, and apply them to different graphics, designs, and typography using a common easy to use interface.

VizmatoiOS and Android

Vizmato And for the budding director in all of us, Vizmato by Global Delight Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides a simple yet powerful way to transform your video or slideshow with filters, themes, music, text, and effects to share across social media or export in high definition. So, the next time you feel that creative rush – whether on a bus, on a plane, in a cab, or while sitting in your office – just reach for your smartphone and use one of these great apps to scratch that artistic itch. Images Source: Play Store and iTunes official Apps

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