CLINK!Gift App Review

In this busy world sometimes we don’t have time to spend with our friends and loved ones on their special occasion such as birthdays, celebrations and other events but now Clink! Gift provides you a platform where you can send your gifts to the loved ones. This app is gaining popularity among the people because it provides a social e-gifting platform where you can make fun with your family, friends, loved ones and co-workers. If the distance between you and your loved ones or a time challenge keeps you away from loved ones then this app is for you to connect with your loved ones on their special occasions and send e-gifts.
Clink!Gift is available to everyone in United States and all you need is an iOS device. In the busy world, people don’t have time to meet at the celebrations but they wanted to and this app is only for this purpose. It reduces the distance between you and your loved ones on special occasions through a mobile phone. It also provides you the opportunity to invite others and share the picture, gift value in money through mobile. The features of this app stand it out on the play store of iOS device in the United States.

Features of Clink!Gift

When it’s a wedding, birthday or any other occasion which you can’t attend due to the busy schedule, turn on the Clink!Gift app and tap on the gift-on-the-go solution. Its users can send their pictures, message, desserts and also pure cash in form of digital money to their loved ones with few taps and customization. On the other hand, recipients also have several options upon receiving your gifts; they can keep the gift, exchange it for a similar value gift with you or can cash out the gift value instantly. There are some features of this app listed below which can help you enjoy your spiritual moments with your loved one while having a long distance from them.
  • By using this app senders can create any message and attach a picture with it to send lovely greetings to their loved ones on their special event.
  • You can filter your messages and can draw/written on.
  • You can create groups gifts where other people from your contacts can join while personalized messages can be sent without the gift attachments.
  • The receiver in response to you can exchange the gifts with you with a similar value.
  • They can cash out the gift value whenever they want.
Another unique feature of this app is that it has unique marketing channels for the merchants. Merchants can communicate with their customers by pushing emails. They have a marketplace for merchants and wanted to join them. clinkgift steps

Create a Clink

If you don’t have this application and you are living in the USA then you should install it from your iOS play store. It helps you for a tough time when you want to be with your friends and family on a special occasion but you can’t manage to get there physically. Spiritually, you can join them with Clink!Gift. Open your app and create a clink by taking a photo and customize it in the different types of filters. You can create a unique text with your photo and send it to your loved ones to mark your participation in their special event. You can also do personal messages and also can take group chats and gifts.

What makes this app different from the crowd?   

It has the unique feature of group gifting and you can give the invitation to join your celebrations through this application and they will send you spiritually greetings. It has the best interface which allows users to send gifts with few customization steps and taps. Friendly interface makes it very different from others because it is easy to understand for everyone.

Who can use this App?

This app is available for everyone in the United States who uses the iOS devices. Currently, it is only compatible with the iOS devices but in future maybe it extends its compatibility for the android users also. Families, best friends, and co-worker anyone can use this app at any time. Now it is available in US only but in the future on the demand of people, it can go further in other parts of the world.

Why we need this app?

Everyone has a busy schedule regarding work and the distance between friends and family increasing because no one has time to meet each other. We need our relations and our family members for developing understanding and love. In this regard Clink!Gift plays an important role and lets you celebrate the events with your loved ones and decrease the stress of your mind regarding your family and friends. Now you can greet your family members through your mobiles in a spiritual way.

What is Next?

This application was developed in 2017 and it has many features to entertain the audience. There are new features are expected to come in this application on the demands of users in the United States. Merchant community also suggests some new features in this app which will be added in the coming years.

Advantages to the Digital World

Where everything is going to be digital, this app is the beginning of digitizing your gifts when you can’t afford your presence physically. It is helping you to send the digital gifts in the form of digital money, your customized pictures and messages. New ways will be added in the new features of this app and it will lead us to the digital future regarding gifts. Website: Download From App Store:
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