Climate Change Memo Prompts Surge in Sustainable Tech

Since 2004, the world has invested a groundbreaking $2.9 trillion in green energy sources, but that figure is expected to grow much higher as more countries move towards renewable energy. Stemming from the landmark IPCC report on climate change in October 2018, green tech and sustainable energy companies are positioned for a boost from investors, many of whom are looking to divest from fossil fuel resources. The shift towards renewable energy signals a boon opportunity for green tech and sustainable start-ups as the world rapidly shifts its focus towards sustainability.

Platforms For Green Companies

2019 is a good time for sustainability-driven tech startups to launch their platform on the global and domestic market. Unsurprisingly, tech companies are major investors in green energy start-ups. Tech giants such as Facebook frequently purchase large amounts of wind and solar generators to create long-term business relationships with sustainable companies. For emerging green startups, Conklin Media recommends using innovative digital strategies to attract prospective investors. It’s important that budding startups present a strong branding image to attract tech investors while making the case for why their startup satisfies a niche in renewable energy.

Sustainable Investments

Last October, the IPCC climate change memo sent energy markets into a frenzy, as many predictable, towering fossil fuel companies are jeopardized by large-scale financial divestments. Many public institutions and private corporations are gradually moving their stocks away from oil companies, prompting a reconsideration of startups devoted to green energy. At a local level, fossil fuel divestments offer attractive state and local tax-write offs that emphasize green energy. 

Green Tech Innovations

The world of tech has largely embraced trends in sustainability, with many companies making IoT with a sustainable focus. Emerging research suggests that as many as 70% of IoT companies fulfill one of the UN’s criteria for sustainable development goals (SDGs). Globally, IoT is combatting humanitarian issues through a range of green devices, with everything from solar panel smartphone chargers to mercury-free computer screens. Even tech companies not directly focused on green energy are promoting sustainability by designing products that required less energy to function.  Startups and investors geared towards anticipating climate change are projected to grow in the decades to follow. Unsurprisingly, sustainable tech and products designed to help everyday users stay eco-conscious are at forefront of a budding green tech movement.
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