If you love the game of Chess than Chess Set Art is one of those apps which you should really own to take your knowledge of the game to the next level.  It isn’t just another app to play the game; however, it is almost like having a chess museum right on your mobile device.

Chess Masterworks


ChessSetArt will teach you all about chess history and give you images of some of the most impressive chess sets ever created.  You can learn how some of these ancient chess boards and pieces were made and what types of cultural importance they had.

There are detailed mini-documentaries for 25 of the most impressive chess sets from around the world.  The app includes high definition pictures of each of these sets as well as information about them.  You’ll love looking at how detailed some of the sets in this collection are, and be amazed at the fact that many of them were made so very long ago. With sets going back over the past four centuries you’ll be able to see the history coming alive within each of these great chess sets.

Some of the most impressive sets you’ll be able to learn about and enjoy include:

  • Russian Masterpiece – The world’s most valuable chess set which was made by Faberge.
  • Salvador Dali’s “Finger’s” set – World-renowned artist Salvador Dali made this unique set and you can learn all about the interesting and unique design.
  • A Meissen Porcelain Set – This beautiful set will catch anyone’s eye, and the history of the set is just as impressive as the pieces themselves.
  • Muslim Silver Mushroom – A very detailed set carved from silver this is one of the most impressive sets to be discussed in the app.

Of course, there are many others to enjoy as well and taking the time to go through each one is quite enjoyable for any chess lover.  Within the app, you can hear a variety of experts discussing the value of the chess set based on its artistic value and political history.

Susan Polgar, who is the world’s first female Grandmaster, discusses several of the sets.  Sarah Coffin who is the Curator of the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum gives her thoughts on some of the sets as well.  There are also commentaries by Graham Beal and Dr. George and Vivian Dean who are the owners of these chess sets.

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As you can already tell, this is truly a unique chess app in that it will show you the most impressive sets in the world as well as give a lot of interesting information about each one.  You simply won’t be able to find this type of information provided by such an impressive cast of presenters in an app ever again.


For chess lovers around the world, this is the perfect app to purchase.  So, whether you are buying it for yourself or a chess lover in your life, don’t hesitate to pick up this extraordinary app today.

Chess Masterworks
Chess Masterworks
Price: 3,79 €


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