Think your iPhone’s native camera is enough? App developer Global Delight doesn’t seem to think so! The developer has created a new camera app, Camera Plus Pro 5, that brings a new set of functionality to your iPhone’s camera that it doesn’t already have. At a high-level, this app brings a “simulated flash” post-shot filters, geotagging, and custom tagging capabilities (people, places, activities, etc.) to your photos and videos. The pro version of this app is a $2.99 jump from the free version, but is it worth it?


I fancy myself as somewhat of a seasoned iPhone photographer, as the device is always with me, so my expectations were a little high for this app. I really enjoy the gridlines that you can turn on and off. As a formal film student, I try to observe the “rule of thirds” in my photography, so this was a quick plus. Secondly, the “simulated flash” is a great post-shot effect that can brighten up the image of the often-dark iPhone picture or video. The photo filters are just ok because I’m usually not the one to want to add different colored layers over my pictures or video.

I really like the tagging features in this app, though. Geotagging is a somewhat new thing, as far as a feature in everyday point-and-shoot cameras, but I like the idea of revisiting pictures in 20 years and being able to see the location data that also resides in that file. I could go back and re-live a great vacation, or re-visit a great place for dinner in a different city. Geotagging is a big plus for this app. Being able to use custom tags to organize your photos directly on the app is great, too!

 Global Delight

Overall, especially for $2.99, Camera Plus Pro is a solid purchase for iPhone camera enthusiasts. It’s also important to remember that all the features and functions I just mentioned are also available to use for taking video recordings as well. This is the main distinction between the free version and the pro version.


1. Start tagging your photos early! The earlier you start tagging, the easier it will be for you down the road. Once you have a large database of tags, you can just add them in as you take photos instead of creating new ones all the time.

2. Geotag! Believe me, you’ll thank me in 10+ years. It may not pay dividends now, but when you’re old and you re-visit old pictures or your family does, having the location data embedded in the file will be huge!


Again, I recommend getting this app if you’re a photo/video enthusiast. If you only take photos or videos sporadically, this may not be the app for you.

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