CallHound App: to serve and to protect you’re incoming

Anyone who has a cell phone or any global-network-connected device is facing such an ambiguous thing as spam. As a matter of fact, spam initially intended to simplify the process of spreading useful or at least interesting information to the masses. It is a powerful communication tool that lets a wide audience to get informed about services, products, events or whatsoever which they might be delighted to be engaged into. Mainly, there are more things in the world which people are indifferent to rather than interested in, and state of the art is that amount of the messages people receive is tremendously large, and those which are relevant to their cup of tea are rara avis. Besides standard nugatory notifications that constantly fill email boxes, nowadays phone calls are also using as a spam channel widely. Ongoing distraction on regarding calls steals loads of time in the aggregate. In this respect, IT company Redwerk took a step to allow users to control their incoming data flow. Redwerk developed CallHound application which lets to calibrate incoming delivery in such a manner that only desirable calls are permitted to reach your ear. The app is easy in use and has a plain interface. Initially, it was developed for iOS platform and has a native app design, so users feel habitual and intuitive understanding while using it. Configurations allow blocking rings from unwanted numbers just in a couple-clicks distance. Applied filters are incepting into iOS automatically. Simple in use, effective in delivering needed results. The further it goes, the better it gets. Redwerk made up an Andriod version too. For this platform, CallHound works as a default application and provide strong anti-spam service as well. CallHound

Here how this application tunes:

Filtering rules App’s Rule tab provides a user with options of creation, edition and deleting of settings, so you are free to configure whatever you need and want. Once a certain number marked as a «Spam», you can easily decide if there is a wish to make an answer. And if the «Unwanted» stain is in the game, no more intervention out of that spot. Blacklist and Whitelist Rules and predefined filters of the Call Blocking tab are designed to eliminate undesirable and hidden incomings, as well as from those who are unknown. It is not irrevocable, anytime the user is in the simple to transmit black number into the white one. Features:
  • intuitive understandable UI;
  • rules infinity;
  • black for block (list spam&unwanted contacts);
  • white for log (form your xenial scroll);
  • floating button for instant restriction;
  • autonomed mode implied
 Floating Button When you see the familiar-suspicious number and have no desire to get in touch – the Floating Button is near at the hand. Activate it, and it will appear during the incoming call so that you incept the number to Blacklist in one click.

General info:

Size: 27.2 MB Version: 1.0 Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 5s and newer. Android OS requirements: 4.4 and upper iOS requirements: 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish Price: USD 1.99 This is a perfect tool to segregate yourself from redundant infowave. By setting proper filters and red flags users get only desirable calls and save their time from listening to unnecessary advertisements. Website: [appbox appstore id1293775392]
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