Calendar Scope: The App that keeps you Alert

Calendar ScopeAre you looking for an app that provides more than what most calendar applications provide? Well, look no further than Calendar Scope: The new app that provides excellent management of all your meetings and appointments. It offers you more by making sure that your daily schedules are well planned as it eliminates appointment conflicts. So, what is this app all about and how can you find it?Calendar Scope is an iPhone app that provides calendar services as well as scheduling services. It’s more useful than other standard calendar apps since it lets you schedule your daily or even monthly activities accurately without any conflict. As such, you will be sure of convenience since it will alert you if you have two events that will be happening at the same time. You can get this app from the App store at $3.99, meaning it’s only available for iPhones only. Maybe it will also be available for Android devices in the near future.

What are the features of this App?

Calendar Scope comes with the following ‘cool’ features:
  • This app converts your iPhone’s display into a beautiful military-style interface that helps you track all your scheduled meetings and appointments on a scope.
  • With its military-style radar scope, it lets you track all your ‘targets.’ Targets are the meetings and appointments that this app helps you to track. Targets that are closer to the center of the scope are meetings and appointments that are about to start. This app lets you watch and hear your targets as the app tracks them.
  • The app also lets you monitor all your monthly appointments and/or meetings, in order of their occurrence time. You can even know which appointment you will have on the same day next week.
  • It lets you view and know how many meetings or appointment you’ll have on a particular day just by a simple glance. You also get to know the time at which your current appointment or meeting will end.
  • Another cool feature of this app is its targets organization. It gives targets different size and shapes depending on the time they are to start.
  • Calendar Scope also lets you see a full list of all appointments and meetings, as well as reminders in order of their occurrence time.
  • With this app, you will know when a reminder is overdue. It organizes all your reminders and moves those that you missed forward in time until you complete them.
  • And as already mentioned, this app keeps you alert by eliminating any chances of your meetings and appointments conflicting. You won’t, therefore, have two events running at the same time if you resort to using this amazing and a career-saving calendar app.

Calendar Scope app

What other features does this App have?

Besides offering all the features that have already been discussed there above, Calendar Scope offers the following standard calendar functionalities:
  • Calendar Scope gives you access to full calendar view just like other native calendar apps. You will be able to view all days and weeks of a given month just as you would with your native calendar application.
  • This app also lets you access and view a full list of all your meetings, appointments and reminders. You will know how many meetings and appointments you’ll have in a particular day, week or month.
  • It also comes with notification actions such as snooze meetings; reminder notifications; and complete reminders, all in the notification panel.
  • You also have the ability to create new appointments, meetings, and reminders. In case you have news meetings and appointments coming up next month, you will be all set. You will also be able to edit or update your meeting’s or appointments’ details just in case you have left out a minor detail.
  • And just as you can edit or update details in your meetings and appointments, you can delete unwanted meetings, appointments, and reminders. Deleting unwanted information is very easy and not daunting.
  • You can also create single-day, multi-day or all-day events. You can also create repeating events with the Calendar Scope app.
  • And last but not least, you can create notifications if you are using this amazing application. Calendar Scope offers more than calendar services to its users. You get the chance of tracking all your targets accurately without any hassle. Use this app and keep track of all your businesses in style.

What are the advantages of using this app?

  1. It is convenient to use it since it eliminates any chance of conflicts as far as your meetings, appointments, and reminders are concerned. Your events will run smoothly with undivided attention.
  2. It’s a fun application. It transforms your iPhone’s display into a military-style radar scope with amazing green color. You will feel as if you’re tracking foreign objects in your air space.
  3. It lets you know how many events you have coming up without leaving the main screen.
  4. You can also hear your ‘targets’ when you are using this app. This is an amazing feature that you don’t get and see in other places. Hearing your targets helps you track them even better.
  5. Calendar Scope occupies less space in your iPhone’s internal storage space. It only needs 13.4 MB of your total internal storage space.
  6. The app works on all devices in the 5s to XS Max range (including XR)

And what are the disadvantages of Calendar Scope?

  1. This amazing application only exists for iOS devices such as iPhones and/or tablets. This means that Android users cannot install them directly in their devices.
  2. It’s a paid phone application.
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