Betting Apps Download Problems – What to do

resolve betting apps problems

For better or worse, people who bet from their mobile devices are slowly going to surpass those who do that on the desktop. While it’s true that some of the most prominent names in this industry have apps that are easily accessible by many players, there are others that are really hard to get a hold of.

Having said that, let’s take a look and see at a couple of common problems that you might stumble upon and how to fix them.

The Mobile App is not available in your country

Sadly, due to the heavy regulations that are surrounding the online betting world, some countries still don’t allow its citizens to access any betting websites or apps. Although this is slowly changing, many players can’t play on their favorite games because of that.

The only real solution to this problem is if you use a VPN to download the app or just use a mirror link to access the mobile version of the betting company you’ve chosen. However, this behavior might not comply with your local laws, so be sure to check them first. Needless to say, the last thing you want is to do something illegal.

I can’t find the mobile app in the Google Play Store

The battle between Android and iOS has been going on forever. Each of those platforms has its ups and downs, so we can’t just point at one and say that it is better than the other. However, when it comes down to online betting, iOS is definitely the one that has an advantage.

Pretty much all mobile betting apps, such as the one offered by Betfair, can be downloaded for free from the App Store. The only thing that you need to do is wait to be installed, and then you can log in with your account.

Nevertheless, that’s not the case with Android. Here, the vast majority of the available betting apps can’t be found on the Google Play Store. There are some exceptions to this, of course, but this is the general rule.

So, the only way of getting your hands on the Android app is if there is a safe apk file. Luckily, most big casinos out there allow you to easily download it and then install it manually. However, before you do that, there are certain things that you need to change in your device settings, so this betfair app guide might help you out. Sometimes, you might end up finding the app on the Google Play Store, so always try to see if it’s available first.

I have no storage on my device, and I can’t delete anything

If you’re in a situation where you just don’t have any storage on your device, there isn’t really much you can do. Although most mobile applications don’t require as much space, depending on what you do, it is possible that you can’t install it.

In this case, the only thing that you can do is to play via the mobile website of the place you’ve chosen (if there is one). In most cases, you will have access to everything that’s available to those who have the app.

The mobile site can also be a beacon of light for the punters who’re not using iOS or Android. After all, there are still some Windows Devices out there.

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